Does Nike Do Weddings?

Well, after almost a month of engagement, two bridal shows (one of which was an eye-gauging, painstakingly huge waste of my time), and my first visit to a bridal store fitting room, I decided chronicling my wedding planning journey was absolutely necessary, for a couple of reasons:

1.) writing has a way of turning my mumble-jumbled, ADD meets OCD, 100 mph hurricane-katrina-has-nothing-on-me thought process into cohesive and clear-cut thoughts that actually make sense

2.) 3rd party, unbiased insight is always beneficial (maybe I’ll learn how to accept suggestions after all this, or at least turn them down politely)

3.) an excuse for me to excessively talk about my plans and ideas, and pore over all of the details without having to see the other person’s eyes glaze over in person

4.) in the very serious case of copy-cats, this will give written, time-stamped, hard evidence that these were my ideas FIRST (foot stomp and clenched fists. hmmphhh)

5.) because planning a wedding in 9 months and training for my first marathon probably will only take 95% of my waking life, and I need something else to be accountable for the other 5%

So stay tuned – those of you who haven’t heard the gut-wrenchingly sweet, romantic, absolutely perfect proposal story, it will be up soon.
Pictures and tales of my first gown shopping trip and all of the tulle-cursing, consultant-offending, and indecent exposure that it entailed will be accounted for.
And obviously there will be full scripture dedicated to Dante’s Missing Layer of Hell – the Bridal Shows, and how my employment of my two best friends as Show Personal Assistants (aka, Grab Vendor Info and Free Stuff and Run) might potentially ruin our friendship and/or end in serious bodily injury.

(Many mimosas and lunch-time alcohol will be consumed)


Brian is forbidden from seeing this blog. He doesn’t even know it exists. I am trusting allllll of you with this secret piece of literary treasure, and terrible consequences will ensue if ANY of this confidential information is leaked. Seriously. I lived in Youngstown for 5 years, I know the mafia.

So here’s a toast to all the stress, anxiety, and turmoil wedding planning will bring to my future, and all of you getting to recount and enjoy it from the comfort of your own home…

Yours Truly,

Sarah Soon-To-Be

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