"… Knows How To Party"

The inter-company staff announcement was made today, so I guess this is really official. After countless months and meetings and changed plans and forgetting and remembering about the plans to open a west coast office, it’s finally happening.

And I’ll be one of the two people responsible for making sure it’s not a total failure.

No pressure.

My cube neighbor Dave and I will be relocating to southern California in April to head up the new office and get this thing off the ground. I’ve spent hours upon hours upon millions of hours thinking, dissecting, dreaming, and freaking out about the possibility, and weighing the pros and cons. After serious deliberation, and borderline dimentia, Brian and I finally came to a conclusion:

“Why not???”

We have nothing tying us down right now – no kids, no home-ownership, no sick elderly parents that need babysat ( ;) love you! ) Apart from 99% Ohio-locked family, and a wedding in the works, what’s holding us back from the opportunity of a lifetime? An extended engagement just means I get to enjoy wedding planning a little longer!

This is obviously going to be one crazy, big, exciting and scary adventure, and I’m excited to see it all pan out. I would kick myself if I didn’t take this incredible opportunity, both career-wise and for personal reasons. NO MORE OHIO WINTERS!!


So don’t worry y’all, I’ll still be writing – Miss Wedding Planner is definitely not out of commission. I’ll just have a little broader range of topics to discuss :)


Sarah Soon-To-Be (Cali Girl!)


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