Business and Pleasure

The first adventure of my newly appointed west coast duties for the afformentioned promotion got off without a hitch. For the most part…

I couldn’t check in before arriving at airport, so obv I had middle seats for both flights. Please please let my neighbors bathe and be of normal body composition.

Somewhere, sometime, someHOW, my iPod library spring cleaned itself, leaving me w a very homogenous selection of 6 pop-y country songs.

And then they served turkey “sandwiches” as the flight meal. Could have been salvageable (only bc I was insanely hungry) if they would have consisted if more than stale white sub roll, slimy lunchmeat, and a packet of mayo. I detest all of the above. Even a slice of cheese and lettuce would have pleased me at this point.

And then we landed late. Which gave us like, negative 5 min to cross-terminal to our (changed) gate, and board our connection.

And then the crying school-aged boy sat beside me.

… And loudly talked to his equally whiny brother in rapid Spanish. (Memo: learn Spanish before move)

… Whilst David Beckham-ing my seat and Travis Barker-ing his tray table.

And then, about 10 min after I expected we would land, I realized we would be landing 11 pm local time, not EST. Therefore tripling my anticipated time spent airborn.

And then I finished my book, w 2 hrs of flight time remaining.

Luckily the rest of the trip was a major success – we met w a few current customers and signed up quite a few new ones. I got to put faces w names and got to know the people I will soon be doing business w almost daily. We saw some incredible sights, a few national landmarks, and gaped and awed at some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen. All while successfully avoiding traffic citations during some serious paparazzi-esque episodes on both driver and passenger’s parts.

(pics will follow shortly)

I’m presently airborn (again), and anxiously awaiting today’s in-flight “meal” offerings. Cross your fingers. It might just be diet coke till we land…

“Cheeseburger ma’am?”


Sarah (Jet Setting) Soon-To-Be



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