I skipped the gym tonight.

Well, not really – I was scheduled for a day off – but there’s definitely something guilt-inducing about one member of the household bon voyage-ing towards sweat and fitness, while the other sits on the couch and… blogs??

I’ll say though, that seeing my words mounted on the wall in 40 inches of LCD glory kind of makes me feel like a big deal.

So while B lifts, sweats, and drinks protein, I’m sitting here exercising my ego and the right side of my brain.
Really, is there anything I CAN’T justify in some ass-backwards left field 36-point turn kind of way?

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

So I’m sure you’re all just dying to hear about the parts of my trip that did not include seat-kicking children and abysmally disappointing airplane meals.  I mean c’mon!  Business trip!  Excitement! You work in logistics?  OMG how terribly exciting!!!

Right?  Isn’t that exactly what you were thinking?

I’ll spare you with a brief synopsis of the boring (read: job-related) parts, and shower you with photos of the incredible scenery I had during my many hours butt-planted into the passenger seat of the rental car.  Really, Northern California is a gorgeous place.  (If you didn’t already know)
(short video diary of our exhilirating drive on the Golden Gate Bridge.  making space on my desk for my Oscar…)
((sorry I can’t for the life of me get it to upload here.  working on it.))

I’m going to have a lot more face-time with my customer with this new job, which I am incredibly excited (and a little scared, secretly) about.  Having this trip as a kind of training wheel session was great, and got me really excited for the move and to continue our annex of the west coast.  Things are looking optimistic, and although it’s most definitely going to be a TON of hard work and long hours, it seems we have a pretty good shot of being quite successful.

:: Disclaimer ::  I have pictures, but I honest to goodness do not have the time nor patience right now (as I sit at work finishing this post rather than actually working) to figure out why in the blasted hell they’re all failing when I upload them.  Baahhhhhhhhhh

Stay tuned kids.

Your California Conquisitor,

Sarah Soon-To-Be



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