Pantone = Adults’ Crayola

I just realized I’ve been writing a lot about non-wedding related items.  You’re bored, aren’t you dear readers?  You want some action!  Some bridal show throw downs, romantical disputes over which cake flavor we love most, the incessant dilemma on whether the BM’s should all wear the same style dress?  C’mon, give us the goods!  Jer-ry!  Jer-ry!

Well, I don’t have anything quite that exciting, I’m sorry.  Wait!  Don’t run away!  I have colors!  Fun, interesting, crayola-inspired colors!  Will that appease your insatiable need for wedding details??

Here they are, and I’m proud to report I’ve stuck with these for one full month straight, without wavering.  I think that’s a good sign they’re here to stay, but honestly?  July 2011 is still quite far away…

Sunflower, Charcoal, Kelly
Hopefully I’ll get the modern and crisp yet light and airy feel I’m going for.  The green will be used mostly as an accent, with the primary colors being yellow and grey.  I can already picture the reception hall, and am constantly conjouring up wedding party attire ideas in my head.  I am 105% ready for the venue to be locked down and in the books so we can start moving forward with the fun stuff (the clothes and decor, duh.)

In non-pallete related news, Bri and I have a mini engagement shoot this Sunday.  Nothing artistic – just some standard studio type portraits and such, but I’m hoping to get some fun shots in as well.  Ideas?  Please please send them my way!  (And obv I’ll post some samples once I have time to meticulously pore over them and deem which ones are acceptable for public viewing)

And finally, in non-wedding news altogether (I know, BORRRING…) I booked my one-way ticket to California.  I’ll be an official Orange County resident come April 4th – heaven help me with long distance wedding planning!!!

Peace, love, and Pantone color swatches,

Sarah Soon-To-Be



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