For Those That Prefer Picture Books…

I’m sure there is some study that’s been done about the direct relationship between wearing jeans to work and decreased productivity.  There are kids running around the office.  Music is streaming from nearly half the cubicle computers and the bandwith has in turn taken a nosedive, making work that requires a functioning internet browser nearly impossible.  Morning cross-department meetings have been axed and replaced with gossipy joke-fueled meetings that include feet propped up on desks and nerf footballs being thrown across the office.  People are blogging.  (ahem…)

Today is the first day of Camex, our biggest show of the year.  We’ve worked tirelessly and stressed over for this show for the past six weeks.  My team managed to lock in almost twice as many shipments as the previous year, and come tomorrow at 9am I’ll be en route to Orlando to make sure all of them arrive safely and nothing goes catastrophically wrong.

So my boarding pass is printed, spreadsheet is updated, and weekend itinerary is finalized.  What really can be left to do with this day?

At least being in jeans makes it much easier to get my feet up on my desk…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So there have been some big wed-developments amidst the absolute chaos our lives have been these past two weeks.  Between work craziness and this Orlando trip, to getting relocation arrangements in line for my big move in (OHMYGOD) less than four weeks, we’ve managed to 99% decide on not only a date, but a venue, menu, bar package, hotel block, and possibly a rehearsal dinner site.  Kind of crazy the snowball effect that took place in the last 48 hours.

I’ll share with you only bits and pieces, since nothing is finalized yet and I’m weird about jinxes.  Interpret how you like, as I am not going to spell it out for you and ruin ALL of the surprises…

(click on the picture to make it BIG)

So we’re on our way.  We’ll have the place finalized, and hopefully a photographer booked by the time I head out west.  Things are coming along nicely and the abundance of stress-related zits all over my face will hopefully cease and desist accordingly.

Oh and btw, if anybody can get there hands on an early copy of the 2011 Indians schedule I’d really appreciate it thaaaaanks….

Here’s to the end of stress induced migraines and pimples, and possibly ulcers if this heartburn is any indication,

Sarah Soon-To-Be



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