I can breathe again… for a minute.

I survived Camex.  Barely.
I am recuperating with a couple days off, a nice shopping spree to spring-vamp my closet, and lots of time with friends I’ve been neglecting.  It’s been incredibly calming to wake up in the morning and have a long run or laundry be the only things looming over my day.  I’ve got a nice butt groove going on the couch, and the DVR is almost cleared.  My library books may for once be returned on-time, and Chico has played ball so much he’s looking like major league outfielder.  I saw a pretty impressive over-the-shoulder basket catch earlier.
Obviously he takes after his mother.
So anywho, now that I can actually breathe again without the weight of the most important show of the year sitting on my chest, I’ve got a few pretty minute situations to take care of.
A cross-country move, and a wedding to finalize.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
We got the contract yesterday.  It’ll be returned on Tuesday, at which point the date, ceremony, reception, menu, hotel, and parking arrangements will all be taken care of.

This was an earth-shattering decision – as most of you know I’m quite particular about certain things, and could give a hoot about others, with no rhyme or reason as to why.  Some things that are terribly inconsequential and hold little to no real life relevance (underwear folded to military precision, grouped by style, alternating in which way the folds are so the piles don’t get lopsided and tip over) get me all worked up. Other things that actually kind of matter and might drive a co-habitant bonkers (growing a mound of worn-but-not-dirty clothes at the foot of the bed for weeks) hold no accord in my mind.  It’s like my flexible lacto-ovo pescetarianism (diet includes some seafood, dairy, and eggs, but no birds or mammals).  There are no strict guidelines or rules to follow, it’s just whatever I make up.  That soup has chicken in it?  Yuck no way.  Hotdogs?  Mmmm yummy!  Shrimp?  Blech nuh-uh.  Ahi tuna?  Yes please!
Bless B’s heart that he’s managed (and willing) to put up with this non-sense.
It is this reason that I fear for the sake of those involved in planning this wedding with me.
In the meantime, I kindly ask all of you to take out your calendars and a permanent marker, and in big bold letters write BRIAN & SARAH’S WEDDING on July 3rd, 2011.  Seems like forever away, but I am so thrilled to have gotten this finalized while still in the state and be able to concentrate solely on the move for the next couple months.
Oh shit, we need to send out Save the Dates.  Like, yesterday.
Sarah Soon-To-Be

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