Minor Technicalities…

I’ve been wondering for the past couple weeks why my Save the Dates haven’t been delivered to me yet.  A box full of glossy, oversized postcards with a simple yellow background with an intricate grey letterhead-style border… with tall, angular font and maybe a loopy script here or there.  The date across the bottom in a horizontally stretched mac type – complete with 0’s and .’s (not -‘s)

Sigh…  They’re going to be gorge

Obviously I’ve had them designed for a while, and know exactly what I want.  I know where to print them (vistaprint.com) and the exact color scheme (Pantone Charcoal and Sunflower).  I know the fonts I want and how much we’ll save on postage my sending postcards (16 cents per).

So why aren’t these b-e-a-utiful stationery creations en route to their recipients yet?

Umm because the design is stuck in my head and non-compatible to .jpg or .gif or .whateverdigitalnonsense that you need to upload on the silly website.

I recruited a dear friend that unlike myself, remembers more than an ounce of high-school curricula and applied her Adobe Photoshop knowledge to an actual skill useful at her actual job.  Send good graces her way as she attempts to translate needs/wants from “you know, the zigzaggy thing” and “a font kind of tall, but not really swirly or loopy, kind of like how I actually write, like my handwriting” and “kind of a border, but only on the top, you know like a letterhead kind of, but just the design, no writing, and… yeah…”

I also have a habit of saying “I trust your professional opinion” or “your trained eye” or “whatever you think will look best” and then changing everything to my way afterwards.  Insufferable, I know.

Admitting it is the first step.

Anywho, hopefully the STD’s (Save The Dates – bite your immature tongue) will be finished and printed soon.  Since they should have been sent out like, yesterday.

[[ Sh if you’re reading this – no pressure.  I love you. ]]

                [[ Work quickly. ]]

I Swear I’m Not As Technologically Challenged As I Seem,

Sarah Soon-To-Be



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