You Choose!

I’ve made some changes to the site.  (Obbvvviously.)   You like?

My brain is not functioning on all cylinders yet, so a proper post will have to wait at least another day.  I’m heading off to the airport so this will be quick.

Don’t blink, you might miss it.

I’m slowly shifting back into wedding planning mode, and I need your help to get me off and running.  The next order of business is the cake.  Mmmmm… cake.  Grandma H will be up in May and has offered to do a mini tasting.  This of course requires that I make some decisions on flavors we might like to have.  For a person so well-versed in the bakery and confectionary world (purely the eating aspect of it, what comes before I’m a bit handicapped) I am at a loss for what types of cake would appease the pallates of such a large group.  I have made a few decisions: we will serve petit fours, and there will be more than one flavor.

Here’s where you come in dear readers: There’s a poll below.  I’d like you to select the combos you’d most enjoy devouring after a few hours of open bar and a delightful dinner at a summer wedding.  None tickle your tastebuds?  Have a great suggestion?  Please leave them in a comment on this post.

Dieters or those who “don’t eat sweets” (wtfwtfwtf is wrong with you) need not apply.  Your opinion is not welcome here.  Thanks have a great day!

In non-wedding related news, my application got picked in the lottery to run the Nike Women’s Marathon.  I’m super pumped because 1) I am not a gambler and never win any “drawings”, Keno, scratch off tickets, video horse racing, ANYTHING! and 2) I will finally own an authentic piece of Tiffany jewelry (assuming I finish the race) and will have had to work harder than walk into a plush store and point at a glass case.  I’d call it free, but the months of training, sweating for 4 hours, and the cost to register cancels that out real fast.

Anyways my cab’s gonna be here in like, 2 min.  Gotta go!

Don’t forget to vote!


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