Long Distance Love

I’m sitting in my hotel room somewhere south of Sacramento, trying to figure out what design concept Hampton has going on in here.  It’s some sort of mod zen vibe – I’m imagining someone in a dimly-lit spa getting a hot stone massage with cucumber’d eyes and suddenly thinking chocolate and pistachio striped carpet with sage polka dot drapes and an oversized dark wood paneled headboard would create a soothing environment for hotel guests.

Well they were right.  It works and I want my next bedroom to look exactly like this.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So where do I start?  Much catching up is needed, but let’s be honest, neither of us have enough time available for a full-out “Sarah’s Story Time” recap.  I’ll do my best to be concise.  Pictures should help.

You already know about the flight out here and my final days in Ohio, so we won’t go back there.

What you might not know is that until an ounce of order has been restored to my life, I am living out of an extended stay hotel, which perpetually looks like this, due to my refusal to unpack/repack/unpack ONE.MORE.TIME :

You probably don’t know that even though housekeeping only comes once a week and the front desk makes TERRIBLY weak coffee, and even though it’s $4 to do a load of laundry and the ration of kitchen supplies = a non-non-stick sauce pan and a cereal bowl, and EVEN THOUGH the Indian family next to me stinks up the halls everynight with their native dishes and someone upstairs continuously sets off the fire alarm, I secretly love the hotel because my commute in the morning is 6 minutes, walking.  Yes, I can walk to work.  And this is the scenery while doing so :

You also might not know that once I get to work, I sit in my OWN office, which has my own WALL FULL OF WINDOWS, that lets sunshine and people-watching constantly brighten my day :

Some of you may know that one of my dearest friends lives in San Diego, a short 1.5 hour drive south.  You may not know that I drove down for my first official CA weekend and she made me dress up like a flamingo for a friend’s birthday pub crawl.  (In all fairness I was actually thrilled to get another chance to wear this dress)((in my defense I did not wear said dress with feather boa on the previous occasion)) :

You may know that the coast is a five minute drive away, but I bet you didn’t know it took me exactly two weeks to find and go to a beach.  The eventual visit came completely on impulse, as I was driving back from IKEA and opted to take the Pacific Coast Highway rather than the inland roads, just because.  So I’m driving and the windows are down (which I normally never do because it makes my hair all gross, but I was all carpe diem that day) and I’m singing the new Jerrod Niemann song (“Lover, Lover”) and hey! there’s Corona Del Mar public beach and hey! there’s an unmetered parking spot right here and hey! my floppy hat and paperback are in the back!  So I stopped, becausewhat else do you need for the beach but a hat and a good book? :


If you know that I joined a weekly group run at the local Nike store, that means I’ve either bragged about my attempts at socialization or whined about the notorious Spyglass Hill, which is almost 3/4 of a mile long on a 6 mile route, with Mt Everest-like climbs.  Serious, I got all cartographer (wikipedia: map-maker) on it for proof :

You’ve probably guessed that I’ve been out scouting new trails and routes to run while I finish up the last leg of training for the Cleveland Marathon (May 16th!)  You would be right.  It might be a surprise to you (as it was to me) that little tiny kamikaze lizards inhabit all of these trails and like scurrying across right as I’m plodding along (no casualties have been reported… yet) :

You probably don’t know that for my recent 22 miler I inadequately SPF’d myself and got a goofy looking burn on only half of only one arm, with a prominent outline of my watch, which has now faded to a tan and embarasses me daily.  (you also don’t know that it secretly makes me feel like a badass “real runner” and that I consider it a 22-mile survivor medal) :

If you read my “I Forgot Marathon Training Is Hard And Kind Of Sucks But I Think I’ll Continue Doing It For The Next 12 Months Anyways” post you know that I will be running another marathon in October.  I’m quite sure though that you don’t know a few days before B’s bday I was grasping for a thoughtful and un-wrappable present (we’re at the “experiences”, not “things” phase of gifting) so I registered us for the Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon in December.  (If someone out there in Ohio stumbles across my common sense, would you kindly mail it out here to me?) :

All in all, I am very pleased with the way everything is working out.  Work is going superbly and is keeping me so busy I (almost) don’t have time to brood over the fact that everyone I love is on the opposite coast.  But soon enough Chico and B will be here, and we can get started on settling into the next stage of our lives.

Step 1 : Break up with hotel-living
Step 2 : Visitors!

I’ve got Cali sun on my face, but OH in my heart…

Sarah Soon-To-Be



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