You Look Fantastic! (Just Not As Great As Me…)


We have progress people.  Purely on accident, but there is progress being made to the wedding deets.

I’m still 98% failing in the social aspect of California, so naturally I found myself at Target Saturday night at 9:30.  Grocery shopping.

Grocery” shopping…

(Buying a box of granola bars and Popchips merits “grocery shopping” and not “shopping for useless things I don’t need and clearance clothes I’ll wear once”)


I’m strolling through the racks looking at the new garb that will be marked down next season, at which time I might actually buy, because nobody pays full price at Target.  I’m gazing longinly at a magnifiscent Zac Posen dress (YES.  Zac Posen for Target.  Die.) when I look over and see this lovely across the way :

Bonus points:
  –  It’s only $24.99 so my dear b-maids can put their extra cash in their “visit Sarah in CA” vacation fund.
  –  My maids cover every size/shape/skin tone/hair color combo possible.  This is tres flattering for all.
  –  Nobody will have to drive to Timbuktu since Target has taken over the world, despite each of their far-far-away geographicals
  –  Super re-wearability.  For serious.
  –  Flats or heels will totally work.  I can easily see a sweet ballerina flat or platformed sandal with this look.  (And I am a 100% heels kinda girl)
  –  With some chic baubles they might even look better than me.
                  (… bahaha kidding.  We would never let that happen)

Even though it will be July, we must remember that it is OHIO, and we will be by the lake :

What do you think?  Fabulous, no?

Your own personal shopper (who is avoiding the BIG shopping trip for herself),

Sarah Soon-To-Be


One thought on “You Look Fantastic! (Just Not As Great As Me…)

  1. LOVE grey + yellow. Great choice :)

    Brother-in-law is getting married in Cleveland the week after you. Can’t remember where – not at a hotel, but something like at a garden/arboretum kind of place though that also has (indoor?) space for a reception.



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