Happy Birthday to You (but really, Me)

If you remember way back when, B had a birthday, which was inconveniently a month and a half before he was due to arrive in CA.  (I know, the audacity…)  This put a slight hitch in my gift-giving options, since he requested a present that was an “experience”, not a “thing” (read, I can’t buy it online and ship it to him, and they don’t sell it at Target).

In an attempt to grant this wish, and continue my reign as Best Gift-Giver Ever, I bought us tickets to a future Angels game, our new “home” team.
Outside Angels Stadium in Anaheim
No worries though, CLE will always be my main squeeze :
Yes I wore my Tribe hat during the game.  Always remember where ya came from…
So I snagged two primo seats for the first home series once B became a West Coaster.  Which conveniently landed on MY birthday.
[it was pure coincidence, I swearrrrrr]
Also, rather “coincidentally” we sat in my overall, nothing-beats-em, 100%bestplacetowatchabaseballgame seats – front row on the right field wall.  (I’d like to thank the gracious season ticketholders on stubhub.com who kindly listed these super seats at face value, and for making this joyous joint-birthday celebration happen)
Another gorgeous SoCal day – Blue Jays taking BP
B’s hat is the Columbus Clippers – he brought his OH roots to Anaheim, too.
All in all, it was a terrific day – regardless of who’s birthday we were really celebrating.
You say selfish, I say… beating the system is not against the rules
Sarah Soon-To-Be

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