When Canned Tuna is Acceptable at the Office :

Things I don’t hate about being alone in the office :
Blaring (and poorly singing along to) girlie country radio
Simultaneously rehydrating and taking care of business in sweaty clothes after a lunch time run
The only senses offended by canned tuna are my own
No shame
Not a bad way to spend an otherwise uneventful corporate hump day.  Mini Twin and I are attempting a yoga class tonight.  If we don’t bail at the last minute… again.  I’ll have a recap of all the other nonsense and shenanigans we’ve been getting into during her visit soon.  Pinky promise.  I also promise lots of it is even more entertaining than her notorious travels out here.
Sweat-wicking material is considered “business casual” in my book,
Sarah Soon-To-Be


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