I bought a weddin’ dress :)

I’m not posting a picture, because I don’t want to take away from the “wow factor” on the big day.  I will tell you that it is one that I liked from my first shopping trip with L & Sh, and is definitely not the one pictured in this post.

MT and I went to a bridal shop in Costa Mesa that had an outlet store attached to the boutique.  We perused through the racks, I tried on a few flow-y beach wedding types, and inevitably left empty handed.  Nothing stood out, and for discounted sample dresses the price tags were still a bit higher than I’d planned on spending.

So we went to the shop I had visited back in January (in Ohio, obv) and the consultant pulled a few styles she thought fit the nonsense description I gave her of what I wanted.  Before I stepped in the fitting room, I asked her to pull a style I’d tried on before, to see if it might at least lead us in the direction of what I really wanted.

Dress #1 was one the consultant pulled, and was an immediate and resounding NO.

Dress #2 was the one I asked for, and as soon as I emerged from the fitting room MT began to cry sob, which made the consultant cry sob.  I figured if I could get my little sister to cry, let alone a dress consultant that has been doing this day in day out for YEARS, this must be the one.  Not to mention somebody had just returned this very dress (a special order) in my very size, with extra length, and it fit like a glove.

So I bought it.  Swiping my card wasn’t painful at all since it was well within my (admittedly meager) budget.  I told MT that naturally this meant I could splurge on some seriously awesome shoes and a killer rehearsal dinner dress.

She agreed like a totally faithful MOH (and sister) should.

Now how am I going to keep myself from getting it out everytime B’s gone and parading through the apartment humming the wedding march?  Do they sell padlocked garment bags?

One Year, Three Weeks and Counting…

Sarah Soon-To-Be



  1. Randomly found your blog and I'm loving it! It's crazy because I'm a fellow Clevelander in my mid 20's and I'm also planning my wedding…date 11.5.11. Super exciting finding your wedding dress! Congrats! I found my dress just last week as well. This wedding planning stuff is super crazy! I can't even imagine doing it from a different state. AG, Esq.


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