I Need A Tyra

We had an engagement shoot yesterday, and all that needs to be said is that it went FIVE THOUSAND times better than the last photo session we had.  That should tell you all you need to know.

Once again, as soon as the shots have been nit-picked, preened over, and analyzed for any minor flaws, I’ll have some up to share with y’all.  Unless my 100% non-photogenic awkwardness (I actually did the awkward turtle at one point during the shoot) is totally evident in all the photos, in which case you’ll just have to try and remember how good-looking we are.

More sisterly shenanigans to come, as soon as I have five spare seconds.  Until then, Happy Monday, I need more coffee.

You’ll get to your five-o’clock-somewhere three hours before me, Ohio,

Sarah Soon-To-Be



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