Sneak Peek – Engagement Shoot

The awkward turtle did come out in a few photos, but I easily got over it after looking over the preview shots Courtney posted last night.  Oh my dear lord.  Where do I even begin?

I found Courtney’s post on Craigslist claiming to be an amateur photographer looking to build her portfolio and get her bearings in the photography world.  She was so wonderfully pleasant and easy to work with – even after our last minute reschedule (woops).  She’s a California transplant herself, and although I’m usually pretty opposed to anything from Michigan, I gave her the benefit of the doubt.
I honestly had no idea what to expect – she could have shown up with a camera phone for all I cared, so long as she had a bit of a creative bone and wasn’t Old Mr. Prom Pose from the last shoot.  (Can you tell I’m still sort of bitter?)
We met her and her husband, Kevin, at the Starbucks in our complex before shooting.  We chatted for a bit, and naturally his buddy’s cousin is related to a mutual college friend of ours, or something or another.  I love when things like that happen – it is a small world, after all.
So here are a few of my favs.  I’ve already gushed to Courtney that they went beyond my wildest imagination or expectations – what she was able to capture is simply something you can’t see through your own eyes in real time.  And please keep in mind I’m really not trying to make y’all envious when I remind you that this is where. we. live.  Everyday.  Wake up, go to sleep, live your life HERE.  And also, my fiance is pretty fantastically good looking.
Enjoy :)
Naturally Chico got in on the action
I’m really looking forward to getting the disc and poring over every single moment Courtney & Kevin were able to capture.  Feel free to barrage her blog and/or facebook with compliments on how fantastic she is – I know I will be.  And who knows?  Maybe you’ll be seeing one of these in the form of a Save The Date in your mailbox soon…
Everyone’s getting poster-prints for Christmas this year,
Sarah Soon-To-Be

3 thoughts on “Sneak Peek – Engagement Shoot

  1. Aw, I'm blushing! I'm so glad you guys love the photos – you were so easy to work with and SUPER photogenic! You are both still in the competition to becoming America's Next Top Model.



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