Since When Does CA–>OH Feel Like a Vaca?

Things I am looking forward to about next week’s Ohio trip :

 – Tribe Time! (+ other baseball-ish activities)
 – Great Lakes Beer (x10) and Matus Wine
 – A movie at Apollo (Toy Story 3 in 3D with Mini Twin)
 – Fine dining at The Feve and Aladdin’s
 – Qual time with the fam, soon-to-be fam-in-law, and friends
 – WWSLSD (inside joke) Happy Hour(s)
 – A good, old-fashioned house party (with a grown-up, downtown CLE upgrade)
 – Running the reservoir (and dodging all the angry packs of geese)
 – A big, giant, XL Dunkin Donuts coffee
 – Cornhole and picnic-ing at work (would be hard to pull this off in CA, seeings how there’re only two of us in the office)
 – The smell of freshly fertilized crops and the dairy farm (in a really weird, twisted way) ((I’m a country girl!  What do you want from me?!))

On the flipside, there are a few things that do not excite me – the list is brief but significant :

 – Leaving the Chic-man home alone with a dog-sitter for 2.5 days
 – Spending about five hours with B over two weeks
 – Bad office coffee (we’re spoiled with a Keurig out here) and no Yogurtland
 – Hot, humid, face-melting weather (that in 20 min will turn to torrential downpour and tornados – maybe an earthquake if recent OH events are foretelling?)

I’m jetting off this Sunday.  Lots to do in the meantime, but I’m hoping to have a few more posts up for you, including the MTV-ish Laguna Beach date I had with B & MT, how big male pro beach volleyball players are in real life, and why I am not built for the beach cities.

I make lists in my sleep (bonus points if you can name that movie),

Sarah Soon-To-Be



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