On MTV and the "Real" Laguna Beach

We are now two full weeks-removed from Mini Twin’s visit.  After this post I will be about 1/3rd of the way done re-telling it.  At this rate, we might be talking wedding vows and honeymoons before her final days are chronicled.  Don’t you want to savor the stories, anyways?  Take them in bit-by-bit, nice and slow, with plenty of time to reflect afterwards?  You wouldn’t chug a glass of fine Italian red, would you?
No, you’re right.  We’re not that classy.  More like Busch Light over in these parts.  Chug!  Chug!  Chug!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
After a week full of boring and a couple “interesting” classes at the gym, I knew I had to come up with something good to kick off the weekend in order to redeem my hostess-with-the-mostest title.  With the help of MTV’s train-wreck (it’s so bad but you just can’t.stop.watching.) of a reality series, I coaxed MT out of a sun-drained vegetative state with the promise of dinner and sunset-watching at Laguna Beach.  (Which, if you didn’t know, is the name of the actual city and not just a beach.  I know.  It was a shock to me, too)
I found a cute cafe that didn’t charge $29 for a small salad and $9 for still water, (which was a feat for the area, mind you) and we settled in for some good food, good views, and live jazz.
Zinc Cafe’s Summer Thai Salad (that B also ordered, and really enjoyed), and the (overcast) view from the patio
Since the May Gray overcast-nastiness was in full effect, our plans of sitting on the beach and watching the sun set with a glass of wine (which I packed along with a couple plastic cups) was foiled.  We walked along the coast for some time anyways, soaking in the charm of the city, gawking at the surfers, and throwing down impromptu photo shoots along the way (evidence below) :
Twinsies – How cute is MT’s shirt?  Great pre-Chelsea Ross find!
Hi Hunny! – probably a little embarrassed by the twinfest photo sesh
Boooooo May Gray
Naturally I’d chop off B’s head, since this is the 100% cutest self-portrait ever taken
We finished the night off with some gelato (a little curveball from our frozen yogurt obsession) and a home-viewing of Alice In Wonderland.  MT and I are big Tim Burton fans, and she bought me the dvd as a belated bday gift :)  She’s sweet.  B spent the rest of the night playing Yahoo Euchre, which I couldn’t be mad about since he suffered through Alice in 3D with me in the theater.
[ Side note : I hate spending gobs of $$$ at the movie theater, and hardly ever go.  So for me to see Alice in a “real” theater (read: not the dollar theater or a matinee) AND to splurge on a 3D experience is a pretty big deal. ]
Bedtime came early, since we had a big day full of AVP volleyball watching at Huntington Beach Saturday.  A recap and admission of my 7 foot spiking/blocking/ass-kicking bald man crush to follow, along with a small pretty significant social snafu on my part.  Oh, and (pretend) twins that like to dress alike.
Laguna Beach, CA is real – Laguna Beach, MTV is not,
Sarah Soon-To-Be


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