Rock My World, Little Countrrrryyyy Girl…

If you’ve never had Muesli , you need to.  It is THE best breakfast for a hot, summer day.  I’m a huge yogurt parfait kinda gal, but this has the stick-to-your-ribs lasting quality that my Dannon+fruit just can’t stand up to.  Plus it’s totally a west coast thing so I feel very progressive eating it here in Ohio.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Today is my last day in OH.  I’ve had an amazing time and am so thankful that I not only have the opportunity to come ‘home’ semi-regularly, but that I have such great company waiting for me when I do.  Let me give you a quick run-down of my 9-day work/vacay back in the ‘bama :

    Standard SNA –> HOU –> CLE flight was uneventful.  Luckily we flew into the tail-end of a monstrous storm that was ravaging NE Ohio – the kind where the sky is all yellow/green, people pull off the highway, and then a rainbow forms through the 100% humidity blanket that hangs over the area for two full days.  (Well what would a “welcome home” be without instant perspiration and a little hair frizz?)  Met B and the fam-to-be for a lovely dinner at Wild Mango, where my first order of business was ordering a Great Lakes Holy Moses.  B’s parents get Best FIL nominations for sending me off with some Garrett’s Caramel Corn that made it’s way back from their most recent Chicago trip.  Sugar coma put me to sleep.

   Unbeknownst to most, when the company flies you to the home office for a week, they expect you to work while there.  Silly kids thought I just snagged a free vacay to Ohio, the tourist’s hotspot of choice.  Afterwards we met B for a quick dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, who’s salad bar I have passionate dreams about, which included lots of laughing at with mom & MT (ok, and myself). 

[sidenote – B flew in early and stayed with his rents, and I’m staying later and w mine.  We staggered our trips so the Chic-man wouldn’t have to spend 10 days with the uber weird dog sitter]

After dinner I headed straight to bff L’s house, where we sat by the pool and drank (more) Great Lakes Holy Moses and fought off mosquitos until the wee hours of the night.  (dear OH, there are some things I truly do NOT miss…)

   More work, which unlike Monday included lots of work-work, and less catch-up-with-the-people-at-work.  Evening festivities included a run sprint around the local reservoir with MT (2.25 mi – these legs are made for distance, not speed!), and then a viewing of Toy Story 3 in 3D at our charming local thee-ay-tah.

   More of the same on the work-front.  L, Sh, and I met up at Fat Heads, where we enjoyed some local brews, fried food, and long overdue girl talk.  We reveled in how eerily similar yet separately refined our lives have become – despite our post-HS choices that sent us in completely opposite directions (business, education, polisci/econ).  Our early friendship was built on polar-personalities and a few similar interests (in hobbies and in boys), and it seems a few turns (accidentally, luckily, or purposely) have navigated us right back to the intersection that created such a lasting friendship.  And I love it.

   Company Culture is item #2 on our priority list at work, right underneath Making Moolah, so we spent the afternoon how I imagine most successful companies do before a long weekend – having a Cornhole tournament and grilling out.  We take our tournaments at very seriously, so there was a blind draw for teams, a bracket drawn up, and the Official Corn Hole Rules sent out via inner-office memo.  I’m ashamed to admit that my performance was quite less than stellar, which wouldn’t have been such a big deal had I not spent the entire week prior bragging about my professional yard game skills.  I’ll blame my poor showing on the slick boards and heavy bags, but how can you be mad when you’re playing on sets like this?

   Mom and I ventured out to Amish Country, which I feel is very not-PC, but I guess when they have their own website claiming the title, it’s ok.  We shopped and dined – in a way much different than my typical shopping and dining – and drove home with a cooler full of meats, cheeses, and fresh produce.  A peanut butter pie also made it home with us, which I was able to resist for about .3 seconds, despite my best efforts.  Evening activities included some Busch Light, impromptu beer pong, and a very special “tea time” I shared with L’s bf:

   Not surprisingly, my early wake-up came with a bit of a headache.  L informed me in her stern-teacher-voice that ‘if I wanted to go out on the boat, I had to go home and get my suit NOW.’  Never one to question her authority, I ran home and suited up.  I’m glad I did, because the weather was perfect and relaxing on the waves of Lake Erie did more for my hangover than any amount of breakfast beer and McD’s could.  (What?  We self-medicate a little differently here.)  I also discovered my new get-rich-quick, fool-proof career choice which I plan on implementing as soon as B buys us a boat of our own.  I don’t have any photographic evidence, so use your imagination (and take my word for it) that this was my hungover ass out on Lake Erie, first time out but looking like a pro :

Saturday night was full of catching up with old friends, camp fire-ing, and defending my roots vs. new residential stature by guzzling Busch with the boys.  Always remember where you came from.

   Pool floating, L & Sh time, napping, running, corn on the cob, and a movie at home with mom.  Sums it up pretty well.

   Mom, MT, and I are heading up to the rec park later to keep score for the girls’ softball tournament that’s going on – it’s important to give back to what got you to where you are, I believe.  Also, mom was planning to anyways and I don’t think she’d have taken “no” for an answer.  One last farewell dinner with L & Sh tonight, and an early bedtime (hopefully) so I don’t miss my 8:30AM flight back to Cali tomorrow.

It’s been great to be home, but I’m craving some Chico kisses (and maybe some from B, too).  In the words of our faithful leader…

Hasta La Vista, Ohio.

Sarah Soon-To-Be



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