Impulse Purchase-ing

I’m feeling very uninspired word-wise.  I’ve stared at a blank screen at least once a day before finally surrendering to less brain-strenuous activities, like running or online shopping.  Or listening to all the “experts” try and figure out where LeBron will be playing next year.  Aren’t there real events – things with facts and stats – to report?  All the speculation drives me mad.  I’d rather watch the weathermen have a round-table discussion about the weather.  Well maybe not in SoCal.  75 and sunny doesn’t call for much of an argument.

[post production note] : Just to clarify, I hated the speculation and the newsteams (and everyone else on the planet) making a bravado over something when there was nothing to report, not the actual heart of the matter.  I care(d) about LeBron’s free agency.  And yes I watched “The Decision.”  And yes I cried a little as another stitch tore out of my fragile little Cleveland heart.  More later, once I can harness all my feelings and put them into semi-sensible words.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Save the Dates are currently being processed.  Somehow.  Yesterday, fueled by a random fit of productive energy, I opened and before I knew it I was entering my credit card and shipping info.  I felt like Will Ferrell in Old School :

“What happened?  I blacked out.”

Pending any major guffaws that I managed to overlook during my .2 second final review of the design, they should be postmarked by the end of the month (right on schedule!)  I’m pretty thrilled with how they turned out – I just hope they look as great in person as they do on my computer screen!

So watch your mailboxes, friends.  Or maybe don’t, I’ll feel like a bit of a jerk if you didn’t make the guest list cut and you were expecting one.  What I really mean is, it must have gotten lost in the mail…

Bridal Brutality isn’t one of my strong suits (yet),

Sarah Soon-To-Be



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