Identity Crisis… Averted.

Once Upon a Lime is having a mid-life crisis.  I started writing to keep y’all informed (and possibly entertained) about wedding planning and shenanigans that we got ourselves into along the way.  As I look back on previous months posts, I’ve been heavy on the running & “real life” story telling, and pretty light on the wedding deets.  From what I can tell, the reasons are twofold :

   –   There hasn’t been much going on in the wedding department.  We’re a little shy under one year away, and most of the big items have been checked off already.  (and the rest will be procrastinated on, for SURE)

   –   My dress&bridal show disaster counterparts (L & Sh) are on the other side of the country, leaving scant an opportunity for consultant terrorizing.  (Because it’s just not ok on your own)  As much as I’d love to write a 1,000 word post about me sitting on my living room floor affixing address labels to Save The Dates, I’m sure you’d rip your eyelashes out from boredom.

Anyways, plain old regular life has been pretty entertaining itself.  I wish I had more time to keep the posts up to date on “real time” (we are 3 hours behind, east coasters – that honors some credit), but with the whole secret-keeping thing from B my opportunities are limited.  And sometimes I have to do actual work, at work.

So hang tight, friends.  Wedding details are sure to be coming through the pipe relatively quickly.  In the meantime, enjoy the ‘Day In The Life…’ theme.  Something cool is bound to happen soon…

…Like a running post?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I’ve been nursing the Cleveland Marathon knee injury for two months now.  That’s two whole months of shitty runs, runs cut short, ellipticizing because I can’t run, and temper tantrums when B tells me to ice “or else it’s never going to get better.”  (I listen, most of the time, because he IS a doctor now…)

Yesterday I had a break through.  I went on my first long, pain-free run.  Of course, the first time back out for eight miles is going to merit some achiness, and I was moving painfully slow, but I finished.  I set out to do an 8-miler, and was scared to beejezuz I wouldn’t be able to finish, but I did and it was wonderful!  Triumph!  Celebrate!  I’m a runner again!  Give me some ice!  And a candy bar!

The mental boost from this run turned Marathon Training (Try #2) into a full-steam-ahead exciting affair.  I am finally excited about running again, and looking forward to tackling the training regimen.

The mental-boost stemmed from many aspects : Knowing that the pain was receding (yes, as in hairline), and I might/maybe/fingerscrossed have “normal” knees again.  Knowing that I hadn’t totally lost all of my fitness and that someday soon three miles wouldn’t seem like a “long run”.  I may have been super doubting my decision to sign up for TWO MORE marathons this year (and mentally kicking myself for doing so).  I wouldn’t have to bail on my promise to pit crew a friend’s Ultra Marathon later this year.  And LAST BUT NOT LEAST, because I knew if I didn’t cross the finish line at NWM I wouldn’t get my shiny Tiffany ‘medal’/necklace.

It helps a little, too, that B bought me a new running toy as a belated bday/I’m-finally-a-working-man present :

The Garmin 405 (of which I credit SkinnyRunner for, thanks to her sterling reviews)

Let it be known that my previous running watch, a customized NikeID loving ball of faded pink glory, was B’s very first bday gift to me.  I know, I’m amazed I kept something for five years, too.  You done me good, pinky.


So there’s a little happy tale to get your Tuesday started off right.  Speaking of tails…

Sarah needs to get to work now, folks.


Sarah Soon-To-Be


2 thoughts on “Identity Crisis… Averted.

  1. i promise you'll love the garm. but if you start wearing it out on dates, to work or to your wedding, you're starting to love it a bit too much. where do you go running in the ol oc?



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