Naming My First Baby

I took my new baby (Garmin watch) out for a lunchtime walk today.  There were a few reasons for this :

  –  I needed some mid-day exercise and fresh air, and thought Garmin watch would like some, too
  –  I’m slightly obsessed with Garmin watch
  –  I was curious what my “normal” walking speed was (answer : 15:45/mi)
  –  I’m slightly obsessed
  –  I wanted to know exactly how far the nearest froyo shop is to my office (answer : .64 miles)
  –  I wanted to know how many calories I’d burn walking said .64 miles twice (answer : 96)
  –  … and therefore how many ounces of delicious self serve frozen yogurt I could eat without feeling guilty (answer : not as much as was actually consumed)

I believe every baby should have a name.  As charming as “Hey, … you!” sounds, it’s nice to have a name to answer to, isn’t it?  I agree.  So I’ve spent the majority of the past uhh, 96 hours brainstorming names for little baby Garmin watch.  See, I can’t keep calling it “Garmin”, because we already have two of those (in the cars) and I get angry with them a lot.  They are BAD GARMINs 90% of the time.  And I really don’t want my new baby to have a tainted namesake with a bad reputation.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve collected so far.  Feel free to comment or suggest, but keep in mind I probably won’t listen because HELLO, you wouldn’t let someone else name your firstborn baby, would you?  Hmmm???

(because it would make me want to look like a VS model, and run fast like a gazelle)
(as in Brooks, because he is THA. MAN.)
(because then I’d always be the cute one)
And in case you’re all, ‘But Sarah Soon-To-Be, what about Chico?  Your adorable little mexi-mutt?  I thought he was your first baby???’
Well… right you are, smartass.  But I can get out of this on a technicality, because he was already named when I got him.  He’s a rescue, and I thought it cruel to confuse a 5 year old with a new name, so “Chico” stayed.  So there.  Garmin watch is my first REAL baby.
Lunch is over.  Back to work.  Fee Fi Fo Fum.
Sarah Soon-To-Be
p.s.  Did you see the awesome new pages underneath my limes?  No?  That’s because I’m HTML ra-tawded and can’t break this stupid template design into something that makes sense AND looks good.  Anyways they’re there, and kinda/sorta/almost finished.  The tale of how I got started running, and the classic proposal post are ready for your (re)viewing pleasure.   The pages for wedding deets and more about me me me are coming soon to a theater computer monitor near you.

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