I Let My Fiance Name My Baby (even though he’s not the father)

B just told me if I were a *Native American my name would be…

“Nostrils that Flare”

Awesome.  He’s a real sweet talker.

While he may not be good at Sacajewea-esque naming, he did come up with a pretty good one for my baby Garmin watch…


Now, I spent five full days in Mexico, and a week or two in Houston, so my Spanish is pretty good.  I think we (as in, Garmin watch & I) can pull it off, despite my pale skin, blonde hair, and mid-western bloodlines.  I can totally see it now :

  –  Scrambling to get out the door for a last-minute run : “Where the F is Andalé??!”
  –  Peppy and chipper looking forward to an easy mid-week workout : “Alright B, Andalé and I are off to the bike trail [ho hum diddly hum]”
  –  Struggling through a long run : “Andalé, are you lying to me?  There’s no way I’ve got that much more to go…”
  –  While it beeps at me during the Nike Women’s Marathon, where I’ll undoubtedly fall below pace going up and down all the danged hills : “SHUT. UP. ANDALÉ. SHUTUP!”

Runners are weird anyways, I don’t think talking to my phony-Spanish GPS watch will raise any red flags.

I’ve got three loves now, and two of them are Mexican,

Sarah Soon-To-Be

*corrected on his behalf, so he wouldn’t sound like an un-PC jerkoff


3 thoughts on “I Let My Fiance Name My Baby (even though he’s not the father)

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