Paper Doll Dress Up – Wedding version

I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I’m ready to share THE DRESS with all of the world (ahem, I mean, my handful of readers) yet.  I want to because it’s so gorgeous and perfect and I’m so excited and blah blah blah.  But mostly I just want an excuse to get it out and twirl around in it for a while.  It’s been hanging in the back of the guest closet all by itself and I’m thinking it’s getting pretty lonely in there.

But, being the rational and full of willpower adult that I am, I decided it’s going to wait a little while longer.  I know, I know, you’re dying to see it.  I’m no fun, party-pooper.  Whatever.  You know who else is excited to see it?  My mom.  She got a shitty camera phone pic the day of purchase, and that was it.  So until she gets her little butt out to CA to see it in person (hear that, ma?), y’all have to wait.  Sowwy.

In the meantime though, to appease your wedding-hungry needs, let’s play a little game of dress up.  Pretend I’m your perforated, cardstock paper doll.  I’m wearing a simple yet eye-catching strapless gown in stark white (that’s all the description you’re getting!  I told you, you have to wait!) and I look fantastic.  (naturally)

Now, the dress is NOT boring, but it definitely needs a little something.  IT needs some pizazz.  A little wow-factor.  Something to make it stand apart from the 9,241 other brides who will wear the identical off-the-rack dress as me.

So, dear readers, what are you going to stick on your little 2-D paper cutout Sarah Soon-To-Be doll?

Big Giant Fabric Flower?

Attached either up near the shouler, or on one hip

Victorian-ish Bolero?

Costs-Nearly-As-Much-As-The-Dress Satement Necklace?

Big Ass (pun intended) Butt Bow?

The pale pink just won’t go with my decor, unfortunately


Cut and tied as a sash, obviously

Airbrushed Flames?

Close 2nd to the tie-dye…

Or maybe I’ll can the whole idea and just wear what I wore to work yesterday.

Help me out friends, or else you’re not invited…

Sarah Soon-To-Be (in a hopefully not-embarassing ensemble)


4 thoughts on “Paper Doll Dress Up – Wedding version

  1. I vote for the flames…in fact I'll be pissed If I don't see them on your wedding dress. I mean in all honesty its a fantastic tribute to the house fires in Youngstown.


  2. I hear ya…I'm getting real close of booking. I just happened to open up your dress pic on Thurs to sit & stare at it, we must have had the same vibe even though sooooo far apart. Must be the gene thing lol


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