Weekend Recap on the Literary Autobahn

Let’s hop on the Once Upon a Lime Autobahn and zip through some of the awesomeness we’ve been up to out here that hasn’t been shared yet (so we can get caught up to real time) :

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   –   City life had me feeling all sorts of loopy – going from dirt roads lined with cornfields to 12-lane highways had me feeling a bit homesick.  In steps Country Throwdown.  A full day of live country music, $8 beer drinking, and preppy girls pretending to be country in cowboy boots from Nordstrom.

Keep in mind Irvine is a very obviously planned city – shopping centers and corporate plazas and high rise apartment buildings make up 90% of the city, and natural conservation rounds out the rest.  Throw in a tangle of 5-lane “side streets” and three of the busiest highways in the country, and there ya have it.  Sitting on the amphitheater lawn was such an escape – surrounded by mountains and open land, with the highway far in the distance.

  –   On one of Mini Twin’s last days here, we hung out at a tattoo shop for a while and solidified our sisterly bond and all that we’ve been through.  This is something we’ve talked about for a long time, and it finally seemed the timing was right.  On the left ribs (closest to the heart) :

“Our paths may change as life goes on
But the bond between us remains ever strong”

   –   My San Diego Friend and I ventured up to La-la-land, where we gawked and made fun of the tourists, until we realized we were one of them.  We got a cupcake and a beer from a local bakery, which has turned into a holy pilgrimage of all things beer&dessert :

   –   MT, SD Friend, and I went to Wild Animal Park, which is a safari-type branch of the SD zoo.  It’s also, unbeknownst to me, in the desert.  It was smoking hot, and I was lathering the SPF like, every 2 minutes.  It was worth it though, to see these guys :

And SD Friend continue our trend with Dip n Dots and a beer :

   –   And then, a few weekends later, SD Friend came up for yet another beer&dessert adventure.  What we found was this wonderful glass full of heaven, chocolate ice cream with Lindeman’s Framboise Lambic.  The rest of her visit was filled with almost dying (slight exaggeration) of heat exhaustion on a 4 mile run, lots of wine, and the OC Fair.  (Which, if you were wondering, is pretty different from any fair I’ve been to in Ohio, but not as much as you’d think)

The Framboise Float at House of Big Fish in Laguna Beach
We almost went on an elephant ride, but instead…
Opted for the 4 Star Gold wine tasting at the…
Orange County Fair!

   –   B is now a practicing Physical Therapist, as I’ve mentioned in passing.  He’s been doing in-house PT at a chiropractor’s office, and working part time at one of the local hospitals.  I’m incredibly proud and so thrilled to have seen first-hand his journey through undergrad, grad school, and clinicals finally come to fruition.  That’s kind of sappy and I don’t have anything smart aleck-y to cancel it out with, so I’m gonna leave it at that.   :)

   –   The opportunities for running out here are limitless.  I’ve found a few go-to places, and am looking forward to discovering new trails and routes to get through this season of marathon training!

All from Back Bay in Newport

   –   B and I went on our first hike.  If you didn’t know, that’s apparently one of the cool things to do out here.  You’re not allowed to be a Californian if one of your hobbies isn’t hiking.  So we tried it, because we’re conformists and need to make friends.

(ok, I lied about the conformists part, but everything else is true)

So I think I’m about caught up.  I’ve got a post and pics coming from the All Star Game, which I decided was in the top 5 of my bucket list.  Hey, no harm in getting a head start!

I’m heading down to Dana Point to do my long run tonight.  Thinking 10 miles with a sunset over the Pacific should make for a good cherrry on top of this weekend sundae.

Sarah Soon-To-Be


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