On Adopting – I Feel You, Angelina…

A new friend will be joining me on my flight back to California :

Mom found this little guy running around in the woods – collarless and covered in matted fur, bugs, and feces.  Being the dog whisperer she is, she scooped up his mangy little butt, and brought him home for some TLC.

The groomer salvaged as much fur as she could.  Which… was apparently none.

He’s a really sweet and affectionate guy, and gets along well with my parents’ two dogs, so I’m hoping him and Chico will become fast furry-friends.  I’m also hoping between now and Sunday I magically learn to teleport, as my 35 minute layover in Chicago O’Hare might be a little impossible while carrying a purse full of dog.

Here is how the conversation with B went :

S :  [ picture message ] Isn’t he the cutest?  Don’t you think him and Chico could become friends???
B :  He is cute.  Are you serious?
S :  He’s housetrained and really sweet.  And small enough to fly in the cabin with me…
B :  Hmm… Does he have a name yet?
S :  Naturally, yes.  Frankie.
            [  The next day  ]
B :  So have you given anymore thought about possibly making Frankie a California boy?
S :  Ummm, yes.  I already made the arrangements, he’s at the vet getting all of his shots and neutered now.  I sort of took your lack of “No way Jose” as a green light.  Hope that’s ok loveyabyeeee!

p.s.  Don’t tell resident services.

Sarah Soon-To-Be



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