‘Bring Your Kid To Work Day’ is SOO Last Year

“Frankie, I need that report by end of day”
“I’d like a fresh cup of coffee, Chico…”

I really thought having assistants with me today at work would do something crazy for my productivity numbers.  Certainly contracts would just fly in with the help of two business-savvy pooches at my beck and call…

Apparently they already have the official California work ethic down pat.

And before you get all, “Poooor Frankie, he has to sleep on the carpet!” on me, I’m not playing favorites, promise.  He has a blanket nest he could be laying on, he chooses to sleep like a hobo in the middle of the floor.  Prince Chico gets the bed, 1) because he has seniority and older bones that require special cushioning, and 2) because it’s HIS bed, and he’s not sharing, okay?

They’re testing the alarms all day at our apartment complex and requested all pets be kept elsewhere during the process.  It’d hurt their little ears and I think the alarm guy is the spawn of anti-furry, cute, animals or something.  Seeing how we have no friends/family to pawn these guys off on, and we got a whole TWO DAYS notice to try and find boarding (not happening), I decided to just bring them to work with me.  It’s like a new holiday.  Mark your calendars.

And if you’re wondering – Yes, I brought the carpet cleaner with me.  Just in case.

Hump Day might have a whole new meaning around here,

Sarah Soon-To-Be


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