The Dangers of Blackberry’ing Before Work

Every morning I flip through my Blackberry while brushing my teeth.  Being three hours behind gives the East Coasters ample time to flood my inbox, and I like to get a headstart on it before settling in at my desk.

…Or I’m a sadist and like to get all worked up and antsy about the million things to be done and yet another crisis that needs fixed like six hours ago now.

This happens every day, and every day I drive to work on the cusp of a 100% professional anxiety attack.  It’s been decided that I will not learn my lesson, and will continue the teeth-brushing-Blackberry-flip despite said anxietal commute and the potential for ulcers it creates.

So this morning I was doing as I normally do.  Brush, brush, flip, flip.  The dogs and I just got in from a short morning walk, it was a beautiful morning, and I snagged the best night of sleep I’d had in probably a month.  And as I clicked through email after email, something weird happened.

I felt happy.  And calm.

Rather than a list full of fires to put out, I had an inbox full of “Thanks for your help, Sarah!” and “That sounds great, go ahead with the next steps” and “Sarah you are the bomb-diggity and deserve an R-A-I-S-E!  Why don’t you take today off and go to the beach?”

(I paraphrased a bit on the last one)

It’s nice to start the day with an inbox full of awesome-sauce, sure.  But today it made such a substantial difference in my mood it kind of startled me.  The past couple weeks have been really tough – like, really really – and I hadn’t realized just how down I’d been until these silly little words of appreciation literally MADE.MY.DAY.

I’m going to make a conscious effort to keep this upbeat mood alive.  Rather than curling up on the couch with dogs laying all over me, mumbling at B, and watching the Rachel Zoe Project until I fall asleep every day.

What?  Is that not normal?

So it’s time to make a change.  Afterall, life’s not about waiting for the storms to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain…  (Vivian Greene)

Happy Friday (and it will be, too),

Sarah Soon-To-Be


One thought on “The Dangers of Blackberry’ing Before Work

  1. hey we should meet up and go out to dinner/drinks when i get back from alaska. ill probably look like a dude due to lack of grooming but thats not a problem is it?



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