On Carb Loading, Long Run Saturday-ing, Strong Margaritas, and Dodgers Stadium

The title pretty much sums up my weekend, but lets go into a few details (and pictures!) anyways.

Friday was full of carb-loading at BJ’s Brewhouse.  Deep dish veggie pizza (sans cheese) and a Jeremiah Red beer?  Textbook pre-run fuel.  Forgetting we had a $20 gift certificate?  Textbook nothing.  FAIL.

Saturday I woke up early – but not early enough – for my 16 miler.  The heat started wearing on me the last couple miles, but I finished.  That danged Cleveland Marathon knee injury reared its ugly head again, but I told it to bugger off.  Ice & ibuprofen kept it quiet the rest of the night, but I’ve got my eye on it.  Stupid thing.

B was just leaving work when I finished and I begged and pleaded for him to pick up a Jamba Juice on his way.  Smoothies are the only thing I crave after a long, hot run, and I was just too freaking tired to make my own.  (Sue me.)  So I laid on the couch and drank my giant-sized, overpriced smoothie and promptly fell asleep.

For three hours.

“Hi hunny, how was work?  Thanks for bringing me Jamba… ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ”

Sorry, B.

After regaining consciousness we headed out to Cafe Maize for Mexican, where I celebrated my long run success by eating my body weight in chips & salsa, and sucking on a frothy glass of tequila.  (They called it a coconut margarita.)  I called it delicious, and passed out (again) on the floor as soon as we got home.

Chico managed to awkward-up this pic a bit

Sunday we headed up to Lala-land for our first Dodgers game.  Being the giant baseball aficionados we are, we were definitely looking forward to hanging out in historic Dodgers Stadium.  We were not however, looking forward to the company out in the bleachers, as we’ve only heard bad things about LA fans.

These helped.

It was hot, the fans were kind of obnoxious, and I didn’t get to make out with Casey Blake.  Normally I’d call that a pretty big suck-fest of a day, but we got to check another stadium off our MLB Places To See list, so I’ll call it a draw.


BUUUUUT, I snagged front row bleacher seats on Stubhub for half off face value, which tipped the scales towards the “call it an awesome Sunday” side.

There’s nothing like the view from the Cheap Seats! (Alabama)

Hiiiiii :)

Do you feel spoiled?  Two posts in one day?  What is the world coming to???

Sarah Soon-To-Be



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