We Lost Another One…

I turned the lights on in my office.  It’s kind of incredible how much of a difference it makes.  So far I’ve almost fallen asleep sitting up only twice.  Maybe I’ll be able to cut my coffee intake down from 6 cups a day?

Or maybe there’s some underlying issue here?  As an aside, shouldn’t I get some award for my green-minded energy conservation efforts? (I’m talking about the electricity, not MY energy, although both are applicable)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Back in my early running days, I was blissfully in love with my Nike Air Max Moto’s.  I went through two pairs (including the ones that carried me through my first Half Mary), and thought they were just the best.  Apparently, I also thought blisters, hot spots, and losing toenails were THE.BEST too.  They were all sorts of wrong for my feet.  I didn’t know anything about netural vs stability, where to shop other than the mall, or that so many options existed.  So I stuck with Nike.  Sigh.

If you’ve been here a while, you might be having flashbacks to my love-hate relationship with my Nike Free’s.  I still run in them – albeit smarter than before.  They are so light and great for strengthening your feet and teaching proper form, but are NOT an everyday shoe (at least, for me).  Much like strength training or red wine, it’s GREAT when incorporated in your routine, but in moderation.

The lustful early days with my Free's

Anyways.  I eventually broke-up with my abusive Air Max’s.  Naturally, I walked away feeling like I deserved better.  So I did some research, shelled out some extra $$, and bought myself my first pair of Saucony’s.  I also avoided trying to pronounce Saucony until I heard a running store employee say it.

Yes, I still see my mistress Nike Free’s on the side.  Variety is the spice of life training, no?  But I am otherwise fully and 100% devoted to my Saucony Triumphs – 1.5 years, 4 pairs, and one (resistant) model upgrade to date.

The Whole Line Up

Why am I telling you this?  I’ve been toying with the idea of trying something new.  My Saucony’s are pretty heavy, which is INCREDIBLY apparent when switching from my feather-light Free’s.  Much like dropping 10 lbs might (ahem, would definitely) make running 26.2 miles easier, so would running without ankle weights strapped to my feet.  Also, my arches have been aching after long runs, which is a totally new and might merit a model with more support.

I was willing to look past these few flaws though, because I am 1) blinded by love and 2) hate change.  Until this happened :

Runner's Badge of Honor

I’d love to show you blackie and it’s full-blown glory, but I can’t get that orange polish off.  Why?  Because the nail is so dead the acetone seeps right through and causes burning that merits many expletives.  That is also why I have four pretty  pink toenailss, and one ugly purple & orange one.

I can’t believe I just posted a close-up of my foot on the internet.  I hate myself sometimes.

I’m ok being down one toenail – 9’s my lucky number, anyways.

Sarah Soon-To-Be


One thought on “We Lost Another One…

  1. i would be throwing up right now but my feet are just as bad. i truly feel sorry for the poor lady at the nail salon who has to get out the commercial grade hand grinder for them.



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