On Marathon Goals (and the Motivation of Chocolate & Jewelry)

**Edited to add : **
I started this post yesterday, and given the time-sensitive nature of the subject, just pretend like today is actually still yesterday, and that life, work, and Celebrity Jeopardy skits on Hulu didn’t get in the way of me finishing it in a timely fashion.  So when I say “yesterday” it actually means Sunday, not Monday.  When I say tomorrow, I actually mean Tuesday (today), not tomorrow-tomorrow.  When I say next weekend, I mean THE MARATHON IS REALLY ACTUALLY NEXT WEEKEND.  Kthxbye.

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(At this time last training cycle):  Wake up feeling as if someone spent the entire night smashing the bottom of my foot with a hammer.  Commence profanity-laced angry self-talk.  Eventually visit doctor and realize I’ll be running my first marathon injured and in pain.  Said injury will chain-react to form a nice case of runner’s knee around mile 18.  Said runner’s knee will stick around from then until eternity.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I’m wearing my new Zensah compression leg sleeves today.  Because you know, I ran 22 miles yesterday.  And if you aren’t aware, “22 miles” is runner code for “really-fing-far”.

So what are Zensah compression leg sleeves you ask?  Well first of all, the pair I got is bright orange.  That’s the first thing you should know.  And in order to paint an accurate picture, you should also know that I’m wearing brown cropped leggings and an orange and tan tunic today.  SOOO… I look somewhere in between “crazy runner recovering from a long run” and “I tried to matchy-match what appears to be two-tone leggings with my fancy silk tunic!”

Getting back to the point, compression sleeves are used to help promote circulation and bloodflow, much like those tall socks diabetics wear.  I know, sweet, right?

I’ve been wearing B’s leg sleeves during my long runs, and I 100% think they make a difference.  Placebo effect?  Maybe a little.  But honestly my legs feel fresher longer, and I don’t lose feeling in my toes anymore.  (Not normal?  Oh.)

All the cool kids wear them...

(This was a few weeks ago, and I was really NOT thrilled to be running.  It ended up being the easiest 16 miles ever.)

((Yes I have a REAL camera with a self-timer, I don’t know why I insist on taking pictures of myself in the mirror with my phone.  The 15 year old in me will.not.die.)

Really what the point of this post is (and I swear there is a point), the Nike Women’s Marathon (aka My Vendetta Against Marathon #1 and “The Injury”) is LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AWAY.  My last long training run is in the books, my game-day outfit has been out for a test-run, and I’m peeing myself nervous/excited.  It’s taper time baby. 

(Tell me you just sang a little MC Hammer in your head after reading that)

Cleveland was such a disappointment for me because I trained hard, I felt ready and confident, and then “The Injury” went ahead and took a shit on everything.  I’ll never know if I could have actually finished under my goal time (4 hours), but I knew (before the injury) that my head and my body were ready to try their damndest.  Cleveland left so many “what ifs” it makes my head spin to this day.

I purposely didn’t set a time goal for NWM.  Mainly because this is a hilly course, and with Rock n Roll Vegas just six weeks after I didn’t want to risk pushing too hard and causing another injury.  NWM is going to be more about enjoying the whole marathon experience.  Instead of staring at Garmin every second to make sure I’m keeping goal pace, I want to take in the beautiful views, enjoy a Ghiradelli square (or 20) passed out along the course, and drool over more Nike swag than I’d know what to do with.  PLUS, I want to make sure I’m smiling when I cross the finish and accept my Tiffany finisher necklace.  :)

Vegas, though?  That flat course has got sub-4 hours written all over it…

Time to rest up – while visions of mile markers and little blue boxes dance through my head,

Sarah Soon-To-Be


5 thoughts on “On Marathon Goals (and the Motivation of Chocolate & Jewelry)

  1. Good luck on your race. I run too and have done 1 half marathon at the RnR in Vegas last December. I really want to do another half soon. I’m keeping my eye on the Nike half next year, hopefully I’ll get lucky with the lottery pick.

    I’ve read your blog before but I think this is the first time I’m commenting. I’m from the same are as you and I work in Orange County :)

    I’m glad I found your blog…Skinny Runner pointed me to this direction and I thank her for that.


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