Reality Check (and a dose of deja vu)

That phantom shin pain?  It’s real.

B has diagnosed me with a shin splint, apparently aggravated/created on my 22 miler last weekend.  I do commend him for being brave enough to diagnose me and then prescribe rest – I’m sure the “do NOT tell me not to run the week before the marathon” death threats I was trying to telepathically send did not fall on deaf ears.  (Does that saying apply since I wasn’t audibly saying anything?)

So I’m icing, and resting, and generally trying not to move more than 10 feet at a time.  I sent B to the grocery alone because other than failing to find the motivation to shower, I couldn’t bear the thought of walking up and down all the aisles for an hour.   He said we could get one of those motorized shopping carts – which I think was meant to be a lighthearted joke, but almost made me cry/murder somebody.  Because, REALLY?!!!  Really?  Another f’ing injury after training pain-free for 15 weeks?  I realize you’re trying to tell me not to run marathons, (running)God, but couldn’t this have waited until like, the week AFTER?  Or the first week, so I didn’t waste FOUR MONTHS of my time training and getting excited about this damn race?  Hmm?

I need a drink.


9 thoughts on “Reality Check (and a dose of deja vu)

  1. Hi! I just randomly found your site and I love it! My boyfriend and I were long distance for 2 years up until recently, so I can really relate!

    Hope your shin splint gets better!


  2. Ugh-I feel your pain. I have been training for the Baltimore Half for weeks (and a marathon in January) and my shins and knee are killing me this week. Darn you, running gods!


  3. Just found your blog off of SR’s. I got hit by the shin devil before my first marathon too. I still ran it, I don’t think any Doctor or medical professional or mother or boyfriend could have convinced me otherwise! Good luck this week, icing and making other people do your errands sounds like the perfect plan. And a drink never hurts.


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