“She’s the top pulled down on the 405…”

In lieu of yet another marathon freak out post (wherein I complain incessantly about an *unfair* injury that has obviously ruined.my.life), I thought I’d send some big news from the CA residency front.

Today I went from this :


To this :

She's So California...

I didn’t edit these pictures at all, and find it a little creepy how identically slightly crooked and un-centered they are.  Maybe I’m slightly crooked & un-centered myself?

Anyways, this whole license plate thing has been a giant debacle, and has been camped out on my to-do list since May.  Yes, May.  Let’s recap :

May 26 : Visit DMV.  OH plates due to expire in one week.  Wait in line, get inspection, wait in line some more.  2.5 hrs later leave and vow to come back first thing in AM, because HELLO some people have to work.

May 27 :  Arrive at DMV 20 minutes before they open.  Line is already wrapped around the block.  Wait an hour.  Am told I need to get a smog check before I can get plates.  Am then told (after jaw drop/death stare/almost crying) that I can mail in paperwork once smog check is complete, rather than coming back to this hell-hole.  Receive 30 day temp tag in meantime.

June 22 : Finally get in for smog check (What? I was busy, ok?) and mail paperwork to DMV.

June 27 – Oct 11 : Drive without a CA license, on expired Ohio plates, with an expired 30-day temp tag.  Manage to not get pulled over and/or get car impounded.

So I’m finally legal to drive here.  Well, my car is.  Technically I was supposed to get a CA driver’s license within 10 days of taking residency.  But seriously, there’s a written test, and I haven’t studied for anything since 2007.  And?  I’m just gonna need another new one when I change my name in July.  I’ll take my chances.

(Also, if there are any CA police officers/hwy patrol/sheriffs reading, I’m totally kidding.  Ha!  Totalllllllly legal!  Don’t bother stopping me.  I’ve even got insurance!  Promise!)

Sarah Soon-To-Be

*post-production note*  I realize by posting my actual license plates I’ve made myself very stalker-friendly, or at the very least an open target for car-keying/tire-slashing.  I can trust that none of you will run me off the road if you see me, right?  If you want to wait by my car and be friends, then that’s cool, man.

*post-production note #2*  This post kept randomly getting hit by random search engine terms, and I was starting to get a little paranoid about people finding my car and running me off the road to a grueling, untimely death.  The possibility that they could just want to be friends was too unlikely to keep on believing.  Hence, the pixelation.  Thanks picnik.com


22 thoughts on ““She’s the top pulled down on the 405…”

  1. Moved to Alabama from Georgia almost 7 years ago and still have a GA license! The paperwork and forms involved with getting one here is ridiculous, so I have been renewing my GA license online since I moved. I’ll take easy over complicated any day!

    Btw, came to your blog through Skinny Runner! Love her blog and looks like I’m gonna love yours too!


  2. I found your blog last night and then this morning it was a CLB on SR. I spent some time reading it rather than do my work…it was much more entertaining!

    Good luck on Sunday, I’ll be running my first half that day as well.


  3. Hello! I saw you on SR’s blog and thought I’d say hi. I’m a CA native but have lived in OH too. Also, don’t know if you knew this…but you can make an appointment online for the DMV! I did this and was in & out in 1/2 an hour. :)


  4. Wasn’t is kinda sad to turn in the old license? I was kinda bummed. I moved from Massachusetts to LA in 2000. I feel like I’m practically native now with 10 years under my belt.


  5. Hey, saw your blog on skinnyrunner and wanted to say good luck! I’m running the NWM this weekend also and a getting nice and nervous for the race. Hopefully your shin feels better for Sunday!


  6. Hey lady! Saw your blog mentioned on SR (love that blog). Count me as #7 on your blog followers. You’re doing better than I am (all 2 of my followers) and I am pretty sure not even my mom reads my blog. BUT…I do the annoying deep-thoughts type blogging at times (mostly my own brand of therapy) but am planning a please-dear-lord-make-this-painless-and-ungirly type wedding as we type as well. I am on a serious budget which makes things interesting and allows for much guilt as well. And I am currently debating the pros and cons of running a half a week before my wedding. Love the blog, lady! Keep it up, good luck on the wedding prep and settling in after moving. I feel for ya!


  7. Hi Sarah,

    The other Sarah (SR) featured you on her CLB segment today so here I am checking out your blog. Welcome to Cali! It’ll take me a while to get acquainted with your blog so I better get started.


  8. Another SR reader peeking by – with a similar story too, becuase the H and I are midwesterners that run and enjoy good microbrewed beer and who may soon be relocated to So Cal for the H’s job. Good luck in the race this weekend!


  9. Stopping by from SR! Loved your guest post! I’m drawn to you because you’re so real. None of that fake, annoying, cutesy talk. There’s a blogger who writes that way and it drives me CRAZY!! Ugh, just stop already.

    Anyway, I’ll definitely be stopping by in the future! How do you like Cali? Quite a big change from Ohio. :)


  10. Found you on SR! Congrats on the CLB day there.

    Because you’re a) too cute, b) a runner, c) very good at telling a story and d) too funny – I’m now stalking you. Tee hee, just kidding. But your posts will now be coming to my email inbox.

    Run on!


  11. Stopping by from SK. Welcome to California. My first experience with DMV here in California, was Like WOW so many people. These trips require a sacrifice of a vacation day!!!
    Looking forward to reading your Blog, love it so far


  12. Found your blog through SkinnyRunner and love it! I too am a midwestern, beer and baseball loving, vegetarian amateur runner in a long distance relationship. Can’t wait to read!


  13. Welcome to CA. NJ transplant myself . . . I have been here 11 years. I am up north though in Sacramento. I too was supposed to run NIKE Sunday but have to bow out due to a hurt hubby and a busy 2 year old needing attention.

    Good luck. It’s a great race (a bit crowded) but fun.


  14. Just found your blog from Skinny Runner and added you to my favorites. Your blog is awesome. About that whole license/ DMW debacle… ironically not changing my license got me out of a ticket, so here’s to hoping you have the same luck!

    I am originally from Phoenix…moved to San Diego to go to college and have been teaching out here since. I never wanted to get a new license because the AZ ones don’t expire ’til 2051. Last year I got pulled over by a motorcylce cop and thought FML…there is no way of getting out of this ticket.

    He looked at my license, made me sweat it out for a couple minutes, and then said, “My parents are from Phoenix. I’m going to give you a warning today just because you are from Phoenix.” If he had looked me up he would have realized I’ve been a CA resident for 6 years…only a couple hundred days past that whole “10 days of taking residency law!”



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