NWM Playlist – And The Failed First Attempt

I’m a creature of habit, and when it comes to running, I like to keep everything as consistent as possible.  One little glitch in a normal routine can seriously send a run into a misery of chaffing, bangs-in-face, funky tanlines, and (ahem) stomach issues.  Ever see a runner with only one sock on?  Or with one of their shirt sleeves torn off?

Now that the required poop-reference  is out of the way, we can move onto the fun side of OCD Tendencies And Outrageous Routines in the World of Running.

(As I typed that I thought of this : )

THESE are the days of our lives...

Remember my 22 miler the other weekend?  No?  It was kind of awesome.  You can read about it here.  What wasn’t awesome?  The musical accompaniment of said 22 miler.  I hadn’t updated my iPod since a few weeks before the Cleveland Marathon back in May –  I didn’t have a reason to!  I never skipped a song.  There was the perfect mix of upbeat to pump me up, catchy songs I always wind up lip syncing to, and the ones that no matter how many times I hear them I hang on to every.single.word.  Everytime.

But I felt that a new marathon merited a new playlist.  So I spent something like $37 on iTunes and downloaded all the songs I’d been hearing on the radio and decided I loved.  I was so excited to head out for that last long run with a fresh playlist to keep me entertained.

Song after song after song after song of sad, depressing, woe-is-me country song after another.  For 3.5 hours.  Dear lord I’m not sure how I kept from slashing my wrists with empty Gu packets.

Don’t get me wrong, country music is my jam.  I’ll take a little DMB every now and then, and some Rihanna on days where I’m feeling like a hard ass, but 95% of my life is country.  George, Alan, Garth, Miranda, Lady A, Jason, Dierks, Keith, Zac Brown, Kellie, Taylor, you name it.  IIIIIII love it.

So I set out on attempt #2 to turn my suicidal playlist into something that will get me through the race on Sunday.  I thought I’d share a few of my favorites :

This is about a quarter of the full playlist, and are definitely the ones that give me an extra boost when they come on.  Sad and sappy still have a part, and there are some that I’m a little embarassed about (but who doesn’t love Pat Benatar?), but I think all-in-all this is my playlist mecca right here.

And believe me, I’m gonna need a little something special to get me across that finish line in one piece.

Sarah Soon-To-Be

(I think I might need a dj name…)


16 thoughts on “NWM Playlist – And The Failed First Attempt

  1. this playlist is great. I lovelovelove Eric Church’s music, “Ain’t Killed Me Yet” is one of my favorite running songs! SR sent me over to your blog, and I am glad she did!


  2. I too came to your blog via SR.

    Ahhh, Austin… that song brings back memories. It had just come out when I was making my cross-country trip to Seattle over 9 years ago. It was on the radio all the time and we would always turn it up and sing real loud. Moving to Seattle was one of the best decisions I ever made, and that trip which was the start of it all – thinking about it gives me lots of warm fuzzies!


  3. I LOVE CCR!! Texas country rocks although I can’t listen to country when I run. I love most of those songs though!

    Good luck at Nike I love that race was soo bummed I didn’t go back this year! Best scenery ever, chocolate, Tiffany’s, firemen trust me it is worth every step you’ve taken in training.


  4. Loooove “Something Like That” by Tim McGraw!

    Skinnyrunner sent me to your blog, and you’ve been added to my Google Reader :) I look forward to reading more. Good luck at NWM!!


  5. I’m needing to update my playlist as well and there was a country song (that I can’t remember now) that I thought about putting on it. I love country but for the life of me, I can’t run to it!


  6. No I am from Kansas City, I went out there with Team in Training last year fell in love if I could move to California I would! Seeing your name on the wall is amazing too. There are so many people out there and the TNTers are so inspiring. You’ll enjoy it :) Get pumped you GET to run a marathon this weekend!


  7. slash your wrists with empty Gu’s..haha classic. That is an eclectic playlist–perfect mix of country and quirk. Hope it gets ya to the finish line with all smiles!


  8. I love me some country, too – but mostly the cross-over stuff (Dixie Chicks, Wreckers (why Michelle Branch have to bail on that partnership?!), Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum).

    But in my running playlist, it’s stuff like MIA – Paper Planes, Phoenix, Passion Pit, Florence and the Machine – Indie Pop/Alternative/Electropop. I need a good beat that isn’t stereotypical pop/hip-hop/whatever.


  9. Sarah: I just wanted to send some LUCK your way for this Sunday! I’m sure you don’t need it! Have a wonderful time out there. And if and when you find yourself asking “why?” remember it is because you CAN!! Kick butt out there!


  10. I like Eminem’s songs, they always make me feel like a bad ass while running :)

    I heart Taylor too, I have those songs in my rotation.

    Have fun at the NWM, I hope to join you someday…when and if I get pick with their lottery system.



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