A half-ass update from race week(end)ish

Hey y’all. I’m sitting on a train heading to San Fran from San Jose where I spent the last two days visiting customers and putting hundreds of miles on a rental car. (i’ve never taken the train, so this is kind of a big deal to me.) I’m trying to decide whether I look like a dumbass lost tourist, or a runaway. Both are believable. I’m also wondering why I picked a backwards-facing seat, and why this stupid iPod doesn’t automatically capitalize “I” when it’s by itself.

Anyways, since i managed to book myself only at Twilight Zone hotels that don’t have internet, and IT did something dumb to disable wifi on my laptop, I’m limited on sharing abilities.

Here are some pics (maybe) to give you a glimpse into my days leading up to the mary. It’s been loads of fun. Really.


2 thoughts on “A half-ass update from race week(end)ish


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