No Longer a Mystery

I finally updated my “Who Is Sarah Soon-To-Be?” page.  I normally don’t find it difficult to talk/write about myself, but for some reason this took me a long time.  (Seven months, to be exact.)

So to all of you readers that have been thinking to yourself  ‘ Gawd this girl is just so fantastic, I want to know more about her!  I wonder what she’s really like?  I want to be her friend! ‘ head on over there and have a look around.  And then come back here and tell me you want to be bff’s.  We’ll do lunch sometime.

Sarah Soon-To-Be

3 thoughts on “No Longer a Mystery

  1. We’re totally meant to be bffs. Your small town growing up stories sound exactly like mine! I was a cheerleader (I know, I know!) and my HS sweetheart was a football player–obviously. We had bonfires and beer and parties every Friday night. Good times.

    And then, I too, worked too much and too hard in college and wish I could get those years back! Ah! Life.


  2. Love your page! Wish SoCal meant San Diego so you could teach me how to run a marathon…my body automatically stops at 13.1 miles. Or we could just do lunch/ fro yo. :) I’ve heard the San Diego Rock n Roll (marathon and half ) in June are awesome. I couldn’t run it this year because I was in Phoenix at an outside wedding (109 degrees, and yes she has lived in Phoenix her whole life, whaaaaaaat was she thinking?). Long story short I signed up for the 2011 half…you should too!!



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