In Case You Weren’t Sure…

… it is in fact, Monday.  Again.

For the third time in ten months, I had a weekend without a scheduled long run.  I spent most of my time sitting on the couch staring at the walls and fighting the strong urge to carbo-load.  Hey, old habits die hard.

Having a relaxing travel & run-free weekend was nice, sure.  Some people might even say necessary.  But those people are either a) tired of hearing about running or b) tired of hearing about how tired I am, so those people really don’t count.

I’m now one full week removed from NWM, and six short weeks out from the RnR Vegas Marathon.  I’m about 96% walking normal, and can [almost] mount and dismount my desk chair without the aid complete reliance on my upper body strength.  I’ve come down from the post-race high, spent a few days in “why the F did you do this to yourself?” agony, and am now realistically comfortable with my decision to run another marathon.

Well, most of me is.  One part – located on my left side somewhere between my ankle and kneecap – is still being an asshole.

I haven’t run all week.  Blah blah blah recovery time, I hear ya.  It’s good for me, it’s good for my body to rest.  Yeah, whatever, I know.  But I’VE GOT ANOTHER RACE TO PREP FOR.  AND I PLAN ON PR’ING (again).  AND THEN I PLAN ON HANGING UP MY FULL MARY SHOES SO I HAVE TO GO OUT WITH A BANG!  DO YOU UNDERSTAND??

Deep breaths.

I’m leaving town for a couple days.  I’m not running away from my problems, I promise – it’s for work.  But if said problem has not begun rectifying itself my the time I get back, we’re going to the doctor.  That’s how serious I am, Shin – I’m $20 copay serious.  Get your shit together.

B thinks if someone else tells me to rest & ice I’ll bitch about it less.  He’s wrong, but if he’s looking forward to the part where I begin drinking my feelings, he’s only a few short days away.

Sarah Soon-To-Be

p.s.  Dear fellow Southern Californians : I’m taking the blame for the gloomy, rainy nastiness we’ve had here the past 9 days.  Obv my foul mood is being reflected by the weather.  Sowwy.


12 thoughts on “In Case You Weren’t Sure…

  1. Seriously, I hear ya with the skin issue! If I have an effing stress fracture, I will murder someone. Don’t worry, you’re safe since you’re all the way in CA ;) Good luck w/the healing process – I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for you and most importantly? A kick-ass new PR come Dec!


  2. If you go to the doc, prepare for him/her to tell you not to run. Both times I went to the orthopedist for my knee (la marathon), shin (surf city half ’05), I was told not to run. I had to go to physical therapy. Knee was your classic “runner’s knee” where I was (and probably still am) gradually wearing down the cartilage, so I had to strengthen all the muscles of my left leg (PT for 6 weeks – twice a week – pain in the rear). The shin turned out to be, really, nothing they could pinpoint. I even had a bone scan that cost me $700 to rule out a stress fracture. Most likely mild compartment syndrome and again, no running for like 4-6 weeks or something. In both cases, I think had I just been more knowledgeable about how to deal with injuries I could have just backed off but didn’t have to stop running altogether and hemorrhage cash.

    Phew! LONG flippin comment.


  3. That’s big of you to take all the blame for this crummy weather that has prevented me for the most part from running outside! *a tear* I needed someone to blame! LOL

    Have a safe trip and I hope when you return, you are good as new. I had a similar pain/injury last year. It was like a weird skeletal bone pain to the side of my shins on my right leg that only hurt when I pressed on it and when I put my entire weight on it (esp running). I did a lot of spin biking during this time because that was the one activity I could do without putting too much stress on the soreness. It took awhile to go away but thank goodness it did. Rest is a wonderful thing!


  4. My long run of 12 went down to 10 to walking most of a 7 :/ I still have some REALLY sore spots and my legs are just dead. I am not taking it from my legs though. GRRR Long run this weekend or ELSE. LOL I hope you’re injuries heal soon. Injuries SUCK :/ And marathon causes them just to keep you humble argh.


  5. Hey, looks like you’re in my version of hell. Ran a 20 miler on Saturday (because I’m too stupid to taper) and now I’m all sorts of banged up. Oh, and have MCM this weekend. Which means I haven’t run since Saturday. I guess that’s considered taper, yes? Crrraapppp.


  6. Don’t worry darling – the weather is P-E-R-F-E-C-T today. Wait, are you out of town?
    Maybe you’re right, it is you! haha.

    I love that picture with the coffee mug. Ahh, I go to bed thinking about that first cup in the morning. Addict? I think so.


  7. Thanks for the encouragement! I DEFINITELY need people reminding me I’m doing the right thing – so thanks. Best of luck to you for a speedy recovery too. If not – we can just keep bitching and whining on our blogs about it since we’re too far apart to get together and drink and whine in person.

    Hang in there, lady.


  8. I don’t have any advice to give, but I completely sympathize with the frustration!

    The next person who tells me “ibuprofen, rest and ice” is going to get a ‘running injury’ of their own.

    (That said, it works. Grr.)

    Good luck in Vegas!


  9. Hey girl! So sorry to hear about your injuries. I too am suffering from??? on my ankles. Nothing is wrong when I go. I have decided that I might have to incorporate a run/walk program, as I fully intend to NEVER quit running! My ankles will eventually catch on that I am the one in charge. I mean all they do is hold me up, help me walk. Whatever!

    Hope you enjoy your weekend! Would love to actually be in CA with the yucky weather. 364 days of sun each year in sunny AZ gets rather old after so many :)

    Happy running!



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