Everybody pop over to Full Bloom Photography and tell Kayla how totally awesome she is for choosing B & I as her Love Story Contest winners!  FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY!!!  I’ll be doing a happy dance all morning, and trying to decide what to buy with the $$$ we’ll be saving.  Just kidding.  We’re totally saving it.  You know, budget and all.

I may or may not be cooking the wedding books a little, though.  (What do they call it these days, “creative accounting”?)

‘What do you mean, B?  The “shoes & accessories” line has always been that high…’


Happy Monday, Friends!

Sarah Soon-To-Be

p.s. Today is our 5 year dating-versary!  If any of you care to try and trump Kayla’s gift, inquire within.  We are still looking for a honeymoon, and I wear a size 8.5 if anybody cares to send me a pair of the new Phillip Lim booties…


9 thoughts on “HAPPY MONDAY TO MEEEEE!

  1. That’s awesome!! Your love story gave me the chills, so sweet! I also think that completely justifies adding a little bit more to the shoes and accessories line :)


  2. That’s totally awesomesauce. Also, if he doesn’t understand the need for shoes and accessories, then you just tell him you don’t know if you can marry a man who just doesn’t get it. Hahahaha.


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