-versaries and Happy Hour Naps

Happy Day-After-Election-Day.  I’m looking forward to everyone complaining about ‘Christmas commercials, already?!’ rather than profusely exclaiming their hatred for candidate-sponsored ads.  How ’bout you?  Tis the season!

Also, thank you for all your well-wishes on winning the free wedding photography.  I’m now officially considering myself a commissioned author, and am fine-tuning my justification argument for those new shoes.  I’ll let you know how that goes…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Last night B and I went out to celebrate our 5-year + 1 day dating-versary.  I think “dating-versary” is a really dumb word, and runs dangerously close to the “epic” and “blogsies” realm of annoying.  BUT, since we’ll have a “real” anniversary to celebrate soon, I guess there should be some distinction.

Also, The Big Day is exactly 8 months from today.  If you haven’t started shopping for my our wedding present yet, I suggest you start.  (Again, size 8.5…)

Anyways, we went to a small, local brew-house for some happy hour pints and fried food.  Because we’re classy, and really like beer.  Also, I read that the modern 5-year anniversary gift is silverware, so to honor that tradition I ate my fried zucchini with a fork instead of my hands.  Because again, the classiness…

Why am I standing like that?

And then we both passed out on the couch for like two hours, because HELLOOOWWWWW we’re 80 years old.  At least we woke up in time for Biggest Loser.

Post-pints, Pre-beernap

Question for all you married-folk : Do you still celebrate your [cringe] “dating-versary”?  Or does the wedding anniversary take over?  I’m kind of keen on the idea of making B try to remember two dates (and also, more pints & fried food dates)…

Sarah Soon-To-Be


25 thoughts on “-versaries and Happy Hour Naps

  1. if you sign up for the wedding counter thing on facebook you can celebrate all kinds of post wedding anniversaries. i recently celebrated our 103 day… good excuse for beers haha. but no, we do not celebrate our dating anniversary, though engagement date might still happen.


  2. Our dating, engagement and wedding anniversaries all fall within two weeks, so we get to have a two-week long celebration.

    Post-wedding I have been celebrating each month of marriage (for an excuse to go out). I think I will only be able to get away with this for the first year though.


  3. Happy Dating-versary!!! (wink wink!) After 30 of the regular kind, too many “other” things to celebrate! (Hope I am around to see the two of you celebrate 30!!!) Love you both….really?…only 8 months?….how time flies!!!


  4. My dating anniversary was overthrown by my wedding anniversary. I feel that day is by far more important that the day you first held hands/kissed/had sex/touched… :)


  5. We celebrate our dating anniversary, our engagement, and our wedding! Um, we like to celebrate ourselves? Dating and engagement are more low-key – going out to dinner or Dave will bring me flowers or sometimes plan a really romantic gesture (last time he took me canoeing and had notes tied to the trees over the river). Our wedding anniversary we’ll do something more for – get a cabin for the weekend, take a trip, etc.


  6. Eric and I don’t celebrate our dating anniversary. But that’s because we didn’t really have one. We got married after three months and never bothered to figure out what day we officially started dating, or became “exclusive.” c’est la vie.


  7. My wife and I immediately stopped celebrating our dating anniversary and started celebrating our wedding anniversary. I strongly suspect that was because our dating anniversary was near my birthday (double presents for me, double stressing about present selection for her!) and our wedding anniversary is near her birthday (Curses! Roles reversed!)


  8. Wedding anniversary takes over. I didn’t even think about how seemlessly it happened too. Didn’t even realize we had stopped celebrating the dating one.

    I am just happy now that we won’t be getting robo-called constantly. Though I wonder if the state economy will take a hit now that Whitman is no longer spending 140 million on campaigning.


  9. Cute pics! And happy-versary! :) Though I am not married I would think the wedding anniversary would take over. But if they are evenly spaced out (like 6 months apart) it could be like your Half-iversary. I like your way of thinking – two special nights per year! Teee hee hee! I’m curious to hear what B says about this.


  10. Maybe I am the odd one out, but we’ve been married 6 years and still celebrate our dating anniversary. We dated for 4 years first, then got married, been married for 6. What can I say, I love any excuse to pop open a bottle of wine on any given random night of the week.

    Our dating situation was a long courtship (um, who uses that word anymore?) . . . so it is sweet for us to celebrate it.


  11. We don’t officially celebrate our date anniversary, but I do make a note of it…usually by saying something loving like, ” Oh my God, I CANNOT believe that we have been together 20 years. Your life would have totally sucked if you didn’t go out on that limb.” And he agrees :O)


  12. We’re pretty much destined to be BFF–I do not believe in the word “epic” either. And, you have the cutest haircut ever, do you know that?

    We never celebrated our “dating versary” because we started dating and then got engaged pretty fast–and, um, married too. So, for us, wedding trumps. But, if we HAD a real dating versary, I would totally celebrate that too. Hey, I’m all for excuses to eat fried food, demand presents and generally celebrate.

    I hear shoes are a good gift for dating versaries–just sayin’. You should tell B that. As a friendly reminder and all.


  13. I don’t actually know what our dating-versary is. The other month I got our wedding anniversary wrong because I’m awesome with dates like that. And if it makes you feel better, we almost always celebrate b-days by visiting a new Michigan microbrewery. Yay beer!


  14. Um, if you watch Modern Family, then this will make a lot more sense…but last night while it was on, the fiance screams randomly….THAT’S YOU!!! Apparently I remember all the little creepy -versary’s. Whatev, dude. It should make you HAPPY that I love you that much that I remember our first date and when we first kissed. I don’t ask for a prezzie every time one of these days rolls around (although they are very welcome) so what are you ‘plaining about man?!? But yes, I am pretty nerdy and remember those things. Like on the 26th, we’ll be celebrating our 3 year dating-versary. The day after Thanksgiving…so two full days of good food! I’ll have to suggest some beer to be in attendance for this one. Congrats on 5 years!!! And 8 months to go!

    p.s. cute haircut!



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