Fashion Tips From the Unqualified

A lot of you (ok, one of you) asked about my dating-versary outfit.  A much larger portion of you said “dating-versary” is dumb and you don’t celebrate it, so I promise this is the last you’ll hear about it.

Anyways, as somebody that wears the same ripped jeans and a small cycle of tshirts to work everyday and tempo shorts at night, I’m 100% un-qualified to do an outfit post.  BUT since we’ve done the budget talk, and I’ve sang about my passionate love for Target and clearance racks, I thought this would be a prime time to brag about my frugal fashionista-ness.

(I promise to never use that word again, either)

So here it is, in all of its $30 glory… my outdated and super cheap Happy Hour Date outfit.

I’m a huge closet-purger, and it boggles my mind how that blouse continues to squeek through wardrobe cuts.  I’ve worn it probably 3 times, and hated it everytime until this one.  I’ll thank the reinstated power of the high-waisted skirt for this recent win.  I’ll also thank the 4″ heels for my odd posture.

That belt has a bit of history to it – In 2008 there was a Columbus-based airline called Skybus that had insane early-bird specials, and after a lot of site-stalking, I snagged a round-trip ticket to San Deigo for $68.  Yes.  $68.  Really.  From Ohio.  (They went out of business a few months later – act surprised)

So began my love-affair with the west coast.  I spent a total of like, 50 hours here, but $68 seemed reasonable for a getaway long-weekend.  SD Friend and I spent the whole time doing a whole lot of nothing, and it was fantastic.   But anyways, I forgot to pack a belt.  So I bought this one.  Happy ever after.

There ya have it.  I’m going to pretend to be all fashionable while I sit here makeup-free, in my pocket T with a yogurt stain on the boob, and un-brushed (but washed!) hair.  Long gone are those days of “effortless beauty”…

Sarah Soon-To-Be

(Hi, I’m Sarah, and I am a compulsive hyphenator.  Two words together are better than one!)


7 thoughts on “Fashion Tips From the Unqualified

  1. I used to be a fashion snob, and wouldn’t purchase anything that wasn’t brand name. As in, I would pay $150 for designer jeans. since th budget started I’ve taken a HARD look at shopping, and Target is one of my FAVE places to shop for clothes now–and shoes!!


  2. Girl you are more than qualified to give fashion tips! I can’t believe that your outfit was that cheap, when I first saw it I immediately thought it was super pricey! I always get stains on my boob, my husband says it’s awkward that I wear it out in public like that. I don’t care! Please continue to give me fashion tips, I need it!! Have an amazing weekend!


  3. For real, Target rocks my world. I seriously find super cute and cheap things there! Love their shoes. I used to work in an area with cobblestones (um, for real) and they tore up all my high heels–except my Target ones. Ha!


  4. As a student, I agree with the budget and clothes don’t always make the cut, so its awesome when you can find great finds for cheap! i really wish Canada had a Target, heard many good things about it!


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