To RnR Vegas, or Not? (an injury update)

I’ve got a pretty important call at noon about our wedding menu.  (Obv it’s super important since it’s about food.)  We’re doing some editing/revamping to our original choices, so I hope none of you had your heart set on the original line up…

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This year has been pretty exciting in the running department.  And by exciting I mean painful with a large helping of ice & ibuprofen on the side.  Let’s recap real quick :

May 2 – Yay!  Peroneal Tendonitis (aka “broken foot”) after running the PCRF Half in Nike Frees

May 16 – After kindsorta of resting the “broken foot”, ran the Cleveland Marathon anyways – overcompensation rewarded me with a BAD bout of Runner’s Knee half-way through the race

May through Aug – rest, whine, bike, repeat.  Gradually got back into running, since I was already registered for two other marathons this year (idiot).  Learned to manage knee pain with proper form and lots of icing.  Ran completely pain-free for second half of NWM training cycle

Oct 5Shin splint.  Period.  End of story

Oct 17 – Ran Nike Women’s Marathon with stupid, no good shin splint.  Managed pain by running last 15 miles with really wonky form, which resulted in the return of aformentioned Runner’s Knee

Since the race I’ve run four times.  Two of those have been with minimal pain.  Two have been with excruciating pain and walking breaks.  Not your ideal mileage 4 weeks out from a marathon.

I’ve given myself an ultimatum –  If I can get a 14-miler in this weekend, I’ll run the full at Vegas.  If I wind up curled into the fetal position crying for my mommy somehwere along the trail, I’ll run the half.  That’s all there is to it.

On Monday look for an LBJ-inspired report on “the Decision – RnR Las Vegas”.

Sarah Soon-To-Be

p.s. Kidding.  We still hate him.  But really, I’ll let you know Monday.

p.s.s. Since we still hate him, here’s a funny spoof on his stupid new commercial.  ((I suggest not playing at full-volume if you’re at work.  Or around kids.  Or people with no sense of humor))

EDITED : Ok ok, the last video was a little inappropriate.  I’m in a mood, and it’s Friday.  If you want to see the original, go here, but don’t tell ’em I sent ya. 

Here’s a better (and less vulgar) response to LeBron’s new ad.  Enjoy.


5 thoughts on “To RnR Vegas, or Not? (an injury update)

  1. You are awesome! I don’t have an injury and I am still ho-humming on whether or not to run the half. I have never done one and am struggling just to get long runs in with my schedule. Sometimes I think even if I hobble across at least it’s done! Plus, the RnR should be a good race regardless, right?
    That spoof on LBJ is horrible in such a funny OMG kind of way!


  2. Ugh, Lebron. I loved how he was all pro-Cleveland, doing outreach stuff there, so committed to the city and then what? Oh. GONE. WHATEVER.

    I have my fingers crossed for you and your 14 miler! Although seriously, if you’re in pain, maybe you should just take a break for awhile to get back to 100%. I say this knowing full well I would not really do this. But it’s always easier to tell someone else than take your own advice. :)


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