‘The Decision’ – Rock N Roll Las Vegas

The deal was this : If I successfully (read: with manageable pain & without murdering passerby’s) completed 14 miles this weekend, I’d run the marathon in Vegas Dec 5th.  If not, I’d run the Half and/or spend some time in jail, depending on how that murdering part went.

Before we get into the actual decision, I’d like to clear something up for my non-runner readers.  [aka 40 min of lame q&a and LBJ making CLE think he’s gonna stay].  After training for a long-distance race, your perception of “far” gets a little skewed.  By the time taper hits you’re all, “12 miles?  Pshh I run that on a weeknight.  10K?  What do you think I am, a sprinter?”

Combine these delusional thoughts with my apparent disbelief that taking almost three full weeks off would be detrimental to my fitness – and obviously I thought I’d bang this run out, no problemo.  Maybe even have enough energy to shower afterwards (because sometimes, that’s an issue.)

I got 8 miles in before fatigue set in, and about 11 before my knee started barking.  Since I’m a stubborn asshole I continued running laps around the block determined to get in the 14 I said I was going to do.  At mile 12 (which seemed to take 5 hours) I realized that I was done.  SPENT.  I was begging for red lights and contemplating napping on the sidewalk until B eventually found me.

Reality Check : No way I’d be ready for 26.2 in four short weeks.

I'll be takin' my half marathon talents down to South Beach... I mean Vegas

So that’s that.  The full mary shoes have been stuffed in the back of the closet, and I’ve got my “racing” shoes ready for this Half.  I was fast back in the day (1:47something), so I doubt I’ll PR in Vegas, which makes me kind of think “what’s the freaking point, then?!?” but hey, at least I’ll be able to walk afterwards.

It’ll actually work out well, because December is a big month in the Soon-To-Be household and I’d prefer not to be a cranky, handicapped, marathon jerk-off for it.  My grandparents will be in Vegas race weekend, and we’ll be back in Sin City the following weekend with B’s parents.  Mom’s [FINALLY] visiting, and a home-town friend is coming out for a few days.  Cram in another San Diego trip and a fun work function, and then it’s back to OH for the holidays.  It’s going to be 100% fantastically hectic-crazy-insane and probably MY FAVORITE MONTH EVER.

Can I get some more daylight savings time?  But like a full week rather than an hour?  Puh-lease?

Regarding my early marathon retirement : I’m bummed, sure.  Disappointed, definitely.  Pissed, a little.  But I know this is the right thing to do.  Sometime down the road I’m sure I’ll get the marathon itch again – maybe after some brain damage or temporary amnesia or something.  But for now, at least until after the wedding,  I’ll be rocking out the shorter distances and trying to unearth my fast legs.  And learning to eat like a normal person again.

Your recently-retired marathoner,

Sarah Soon-To-Be


16 thoughts on “‘The Decision’ – Rock N Roll Las Vegas

  1. Good job listening your body – seriously. I know sometimes I can just force something that isn’t here, then end up either in pain or completely miserable. Have fun with the half and get back to 100%. Good news is that there are always marathons out there for you to do!

    Loooved the pictures over Lebron. Awesome.


  2. Those pics are hilarious. It’s for the best, definitely. Push yourself and risk injury, not allowing you to run ANY races in the future? Totally not worth it. Smart choice chick, you have many marathon years ahead of you – no rush!


  3. I’m sorry! Never an easy decision! Oh well enjoy Vegas more right? I hope you feel better soon, sucks when a running is rough especially when that’s stress relief! Good luck in Vegas and have fun. I’m sure you’re in shape to push for a PR if you want! You rock!


  4. Total bummer but sounds like the right decision! I suspect it won’t be long before you get the marathon itch again. Vegas will still be SUCH a blast no matter how fast you run the half.


  5. I know that was probably a hard decision to make but in the long run probably the best. I am still nursing and injury from Nike and it’s KILLING me not to run. But thoughts of not being able to run permanently haunt me even more. So enjoy the half and your time in vegas.


  6. You’re going to rock that half’s ass. No worries. As my non-runner friends keep telling me, I should be wedding focused at this point, yeah still worry about the in-shape part, but what would happen if I seriously hurt myself in a full and then was hobbling down the aisle? So I listen to their words of wisdom and rock out my short runs and a half in January. But no biggies for me anytime soon. You’re a rockstar!


  7. If you ask me, I think you went out with a bang at the Nike Women’s Marathon. You seemed at peace and accomplished in your post. And you can always treat retirement like Brett Farve and Jay-z do. Go to Vegas and rock that half!


  8. Yeeeahh, 3 weeks off will take you back nearly to square one. The LA Roadrunners coach told us when we were training for LA that 2 weeks off, you can kind of get back in without too much problems but 3 weeks or more is like starting over.

    But you have 4 weeks where you can try to get speedy for the half! That is plenty of time since you don’t need much taper and you have some base, it’s not totally gone.

    Your pics are funny – you make silly faces! Took me a few seconds to realize whose body your face was pasted onto, but the enormous hands gave him away.


  9. Hi Sarah…awww, we were just talking about this topic when we met. You mean we are not running marathon together? lol :) Whatever you decide, it will be the right decision for you. There’s so many factors to think about it, I’m sure you’ve gone over it in your head already so many times.

    If you retire, think about it? Wine on Friday AND Saturday nights every week! No more getting up early for long runs.


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