Beach Day w Stephen Colletti (maybe?)

[Written last night]

B’s a bit under the weather and went to bed early.  I am watching Pretty Woman from the couch and writing in MS Word bc we don’t have wifi and all our neighbors have secured theirs.  Bastards.  I can old-school plug my laptop into a box that gives me internet in the office, but there’s no tv, and the thought of writing without happy-hooker-ever-after is just not ok right now.

My favorite line of this movie is when Vivian (in her red gown and elbow gloves) says to Edward in the elevator on their way to the opera, “If I forget to tell ya later, I had a really good time tonight”

You can take the girl off the farm corner, but you can’t take the country prostitute out of the girl.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I knew when I made The Decision to bow out of my third full marathon of the year that I’d get at least one thing in exchange – time.  My time spent actually running has decreased significantly.  My time spent THINKING about running has decreased even more significantly.  My time procrastinating and making excuses for not running… well that’s about the same, but a whole ‘nother issue in itself.

So what have I been doing with all this time?  Not writing, apparently.  (Sowwy)  I’ve also NOT been : doing laundry, finishing Eat Pray Love, finalizing our wedding entertainment/rehearsal dinner/menu changes, or grocery shopping.  Actually, I’ve been doing a whole lotta nothing, now that I think about it.

B & I did manage to get out for a day last weekend – we jetted down to Laguna for an impromptu beach day.  We’ve been a dozen times but have never gone for the actual beach.  So we packed up a cooler with PBJ’s and some Bud Selects, grabbed the SPF, and tore the tags off the beach chairs I bought back in May.

SPF Please.

It was windy but the sun was warm – a perfect day to forget all the stresses/worries/problems/todo’s and just RELAX for a while.  We talked about everything under the sun, and even helped some kid who I suspected was Stephen Colletti look for his lost wallet.  And then we kicked sand at him bc he was wearing an LBJ Miami jersey.

It was a glorious day, and not just bc Ohio was having their first snow of the year while we soaked rays by the Pacific.  Ok that was mostly the reason, but the company & conversation was nice, too :)


Wednesday night I got back from my last business trip of the year (knock on wood) and I’m supremely thrilled to put my suitcase in the closet and leave it there for a while.  (Once I unpack it).  Time to really soak in these last couple weeks of peace & quiet before the chaos of December sets in!

Sarah Soon-To-Be


3 thoughts on “Beach Day w Stephen Colletti (maybe?)

  1. Love the beach pictures! You two are a movie star couple!! What did you think of eat, pray, love? I loved it! I haven’t seen the movie yet though! I am glad you made that decision, it will be for the best and it will give you a great mental break! Love Pretty Woman.

    P.S. sometimes I write a comment and it doesn’t show up? Is it going to spam? Maybe, this one will too:(


    • Umm I get a lot of FREEHOTMANSEXJOYLOVEVIAGRA spam, and thave been a few valid comments that I’ve gone in and approved, but I don’t think any Janaes? That’s kind of annoying. Email me if it happens again so I can fight with WordPress :)



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