Identity Theft (Wedding Menu)

I’m We’re having a wedding menu identity crisis.  If my our catering manager is reading this, I sincerely apologize for the past few weeks and those that are hiding on the horizon.

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If you remember back in April I disclosed the Big Day’s “final” menu.  We loved it.  It was unique and fun, and totally “us”.

Now, well, it’s not so “final” anymore.  Hahahahahahahaha go ahead and laugh, all you married’s that have been through this.  Let me guess, next month I’m going to run to the dress store bawling and begging them to let me return that too?  I’m nothing if not fickle.


For one of the .2 spare hours B and I have during our holiday visit home we’re having a tasting at the venue to make sure we love everything (and that our guests will, too!)  So now we need to decide on a menu that I won’t want to change again in a month.  (And again, ad nauseum, after that).

Originally we decided on tapas stations (“small plates”) that would be placed throughout the room, and all had a little meaning behind them.  Salsa, guac, and quesadillas at the Mexican Station (engagement in Cancun).  Hummus, feta, and pita at the Greek Station (our fav restaurant).  Stir fry bc it was one of the only things I could cook for a long, long time.  Sushi because… who doesn’t like sushi?  And it’s kinda fancy.

We liked the idea that guests would be grazing and mingling while eating, rather than filling a plate and sitting at a table stuffing their faces for 30 minutes.  Because we’re having a PARTY, not a RECEPTION.  And it must be the 100% no-doubt-about-it best PARTY they’ve ever been to.

Now?  I’m kind of grossed out by the idea of eating so many different types of foods all at once.  Isn’t that why people get sick at buffets?  (Aside from consuming 6-days worth of food in one sitting)  All the random food that is lovely on it’s own but mixed together creates disasterous gas, obscene breath, and lord-knows-what-else?  Slosh it around in a belly full of booze and I’m thinking we’re setting 150 people up for a pretty miserable morning after.

So we’re looking at creating a more cohesive and blended menu, while keeping the tapas style stations in tact.  I’d also like there to be some tiny smidgen of a full-course meal feel, without it feeling like an actual dinner.  Do you follow?  Agree?  Am I crazy?  [crickets]

Here’s rough draft #2.

Selection of salads (caesar, bib, seasonal) w/ baguettes & cheeses

Sushi sushi sushi!

Selection of pastas (orecchietti, penne, ravioli) w/ grilled zucchini & grilled chicken breast

Mexi-mania : assortment of salsas, guac, and homemade tortilla chips (tequila shooters optional)

Readers, Help!  What would you prefer?  A lighter “dinner” that has a cocktail party feel, or do you want to pack away as much bread and meat as possible to buff the copious amounts of alcohol I’ll be pouring down your throat?  Or do you skip dinner and head straight for the cake?

Sarah Soon-To-Be


10 thoughts on “Identity Theft (Wedding Menu)

  1. We did the “small meal” and not a sit down thing too. Our reception was a “Party” with a capital P. We did this for various reasons but I absolutely freakin loved it!

    We did a variety of hor dourves that comingled my gluten free/vegetarian issues along with my hubby and his love of meat. :-) It was perfect.

    The only “downer” side of it looking back (and I am looking 6 years back mind you as it didn’t really hit us until then) that we served a lot of little foods with a helluva lot of alcohol! HA It was no wonder our guests were quite hammered by the end of the wedding. :-) Fun party right?

    So my only advice is to make sure you have ENOUGH food at all times otherwise you’ll end up with a lot silly guests.

    We also had to deal with a gluten free cake which would have cost us our first born to make had I made it large enough to share with guests, so instead our guests had cannolis, a little italian cookie that was kick ass and we cut my little gluten free cake together! :-)

    Try not to stress too much. Just have fun.


  2. I like the “lighter dinner – get your game face on – bc we’re about to PARTY” spread. You can drink, eat, mingle, and not feel like you’re 200 lbs when you’re done w/dinner. That’s jus me tho – party girl at heart


  3. I am all about the food at weddings (and the free alcohol) but I have found that weddings with a sit-down dinner tend to drag on…whereas when you have the lighter fare options and evreyone can walk around and mingle and the music is going, it’s A LOT more fun!


  4. Well, so, I would prefer the lighter menu but you run certain risks with that. Including the one where people think you are cheap for having a lighter menu. But smaller, more numerous selections that are continually available throughout the night are probably more conducive to a fun party.

    Will most people like sushi? I know you will, but perhaps cooked fare for the possible raw-fish-squeamish woudl be better. And once sushi sits out for a while it starts looking “eh.” Not that I don’t love sushi. I could eat it 4 nights a week if my wallet would comply.


  5. Lighter fare! And you’re way over thinking this! Pick what you like, stick with it, and move on. If the food’s good, your guests will enjoy it no matter what it is, and if it’s the party atmosphere you’re going for- your guests are going to be concerning themselves with drinks and dancing and by that point, the food will no longer be the focus.


  6. I LOVE that you are having a party rather than a reception…those are always so much more fun. I totally understand the planning mood swings, pretty sure I changed things around a dozen times. I am all about a small meal and eating copious amounts of dessert! Good luck and let us know what you decide!


  7. I like the “party” atmosphere but just make sure that any older guests (i.e. elderly) have an easy way to get food and sit down because it’s unlikely they’d want to be up and about all night! And make sure you have enough food too… I went to a wedding that was like this and the spread was too small! We ended up leaving at the end and going out to eat! Good luck!!


  8. Totally go with the lighter/easier menu. It’s nice to have some “food food” if you will, so that your guests feel as if they’re getting a full menu versus just sampling or whatever. We did something similar. We had an afternoon garden party and we did not want a formal stuffy plated meal. We wanted casual, fun and summertime. I think the formal plated meals can be nice, but, that wasn’t for us.

    I’m sure it will turn out fabulously!

    PS. In regards to your note about your dress….sigh…I wanted to return mine SO BADLY, but, obviously couldn’t. Luckily, day of, I was in love with it again. Stupid wedding emotions. It’s like PMS-ing for months on end. No? I was just a crazy bride? Hmph. Something to think about.


  9. I really like the idea of the “party” dinner rather than a formal sit down dinner. I think it’s a good idea to make the menu more cohesive. Maybe a station of appetizers/finger foods?


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