Vegas, Trash The Dress, & Grunge Band Does B Spears (a wedding update)

Thanks for your input on The Great Menu Debate, y’all.  After much deliberation and a lengthy phone call with our catering manager, I think we’ve got it figured out.  Found a nice balance between “light cocktail-style meal” and “MEAL meal”.  Not everybody can get by eating like a bird at dinner and then shoveling 6 pieces of cake down their throat like I can, I guess…

To avoid jinxing myself again, I’m not going to post the “FINAL” menu.  I’ll just let you know that MEAT has been added.  Nobody needs to smuggle any jerkey in their suit pocket…  (L, make sure to pass that along)

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I haven’t been talking about the wedding much, but this whole menu deal has sent me into a tailspin so I thought I’d give y’all a quick overview on the going ons re: the Soon-To-Be’s Big Day :

Bach-ette : Vegas, Baby :)  Suggestions for hotels/shows/must-do’s would be greatly appreciated!

Dress :  Has been hanging in our guest room closet since the purchase waiting for my momma to make her way to Cali (2 weeks!) so she can see it IRL (in real life).  Still brainstorming ideas for alterations/additions to make the off-the-rack’er more unique and “me” (the flames have been eliminated as an option, sorry)

Menu : See above and here

Photographer : You’ve heard we won free photography from Full Bloom – I’m so thrilled to have it checked off our list and can’t wait to work with Kayla – she is seriously talented.

Entertainment : B & I really kind of hate wedding music, and I really didn’t want any Grandma’s trying to boogie to the latest Usher club song.  We’re having a band.  They’re awesome, in a very you-should-be-playing-at-a-dive-bar-not-a-wedding kind of way.  Have you ever seen a long-haired, grungey guitar player singing “Hit Me Baby One More Time”?

Honeymoon : I’ve got Fodor’s 2011 Guide to Costa Rica in my purse.  Volcanoes, paddle boarding, horse back riding, ATV adventures, and zip lining through the rainforest?  Nothing’s in the books yet – Who wants to recommend a good Travel Agency?

There’s been lots of brainstorming, but not too much actual doing.  Once the holidays are over it’s gung-ho on invitations, decor, mens’ wear, and detailing the dress.  (Don’t hold me to that)

One item that will 100% for certain be happening – a Trash The Dress session.  Hear that Courtney?  You, me, and the Pacific Ocean have a date next July.  :)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Have any of you done a Trash The Dress Session?  I’ve seen some really incredible shots in the past, and am totally in love with the idea.  What would I do with that dress anyways???

Sarah Soon-To-Be


9 thoughts on “Vegas, Trash The Dress, & Grunge Band Does B Spears (a wedding update)

  1. I love the trash the dress idea and I wish I did it…I guess I still could. Keep the wedding updates coming because I LOVE reading about it.
    Vegas, oh how I love Vegas. You are going to have a lot of fun and you better take a ridiculous amount of pictures!
    I am so happy you are having a band, those are my favorite weddings when they have a band.


  2. For our honeymoon we used a guy my husband went to high school with who started his own travel agency : . Basically the best trip I’ve EVER been on in my life, and not only because it was our honeymoon. We had cars and drivers waiting for us at every spot and basically took away the language issues. He also does awesome pricing and gives you different options… check him out!


  3. Ahhh Vegas! I did my bachelorette there and it was AWESOME, naturally how could Vegas not be. One thing we did that was fairly hysterical was Thunder Down Under. I have not laughed that much in so long, and I was totally not looking forward to that, but it seriously turned out to be the funniest part of the weekend.


  4. Don’t you think Trash the Dress is kind of wasteful? All that money… and gone? I guess maybe that’s the sort of society we live in?

    I’m sure there’s a charity dedicated to doing something useful with a dress you don’t want.


  5. Vegas….it depends how you want to celebrate your bachelorette party. There is the mildly-wild Chipendales show where they bring up the bride-to-be up on stage and it’s just pure fun and entertainment. Then there’s OG, google Olympic Gardens…enough said. I was there and don’t want to go back, just not my thing.

    I’m doing trash the dress session too, a few days after our wedding. The dress don’t really get trashed, just wet. I’ll be doing some “harlequin romance” type of shots rolling around the sand and beaches, lol!


  6. Hola!
    I finally thought that today would be a good day to stop creeping and send some love your way. I found your blog through SR and love it! Also, my hubs and I just got back from 2 weeks in Costa Rica and I thought that I would share some gems-o-knowledge that we picked up:

    -it’s expensive. we did the atv tours, zip line thing, hanging bridges, hot spring place, the beach thing, and white water rafting. each excursion was at least $50-$150 per person. i’m not sure why (maybe i am), but i thought that things would be a bit more affordable…not so much

    -beautiful mountains and curvy roads = not so beautiful motion sickness

    -imo, hanging bridges = lame-o bridges (this is in la fortuna) and hot springs (we chose to hit up tabacon and eco-termales) are the best at night

    -speaking of hot springs, i would avoid baldi…it’s not very private and full of teenagers

    ….umm, i could go on and on, but if you have any questions feel free to drop me an email

    lastly: these guys have a lot of great videos and info about the country

    it’s a great country and i’m sure you’ll love it!

    sorry for the novel. i get excited : )


  7. Costa Rica is the BEST honeymoon! I recommend Serendipity Adventures: We were lucky to have 2 weeks so we spent the first week together in a tiny beach resort that Serendipity set up for us (scuba, snorkeling, swimming, RELAXING). Then we spent the second week horseback riding, zip-lining, whitewater rafting, rapelling and hiking with our own personal guide. It was the BEST relaxing/adventure vacation of our lives!! They take care of all the details, you just tell them what you want to do while you are there. I can’t say enough good things about them. Check it out!



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