What “Trash The Dress” Means To Me

It’s a gloomy day in SoCal.  I’ve had two cups of coffee, a surprise bagel for breakfast, actually remembered to take my vitamins, and am blaring Yahoo Country Radio to combat it.  So far, so good.

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Since there’ve been mixed reviews – and quite a few questions – about “Trash The Dress” sessions, I thought I’d share my ideas on the subject with y’all.  Because I am the Wedding Messiah, and everyone should subscribe to the Sarah’s Way Of Thinking newsletter.  MY OPINIONS MATTER!  At least that’s what all the voting campaign ads told me…

  • There’s probably a better term than “Trash The Dress” – I didn’t make it up so don’t yell at me.  The dress will not be actually trashed.  We won’t be reinacting the pig blood scene from “Carrie”.  I won’t be ripping the corset Hulk Hogan-style.  Honestly, I’ll probably have more damage via food&drink-spillage at the reception than I will from sand & water at the TTD.
  • I didn’t spend a fortune on my dress.  Not even close.  There are many things in our life that cost more (and IMO, are more important) than the dress I plan to wed in : two months of car payments & insurance, our trip to San Fran for NWM, B’s yearly intake of JIF reduced fat peanut butter, etc.  Had I spent the equivalent of private school tuition on it?  Of course I wouldn’t jump in the Pacific and roll around in the sand in it.  (I’d be selling it on eBay to try and avoid exile from B)
  • I don’t have plans for my dress after the whole shebang is done.  I’m not preserving it, letting it take up precious closet space, or dreaming of my unborn daughter wearing it in 30 years.  There are plenty of options for donating (Brides Against Breast Cancer, Mary Madeline Project, local Goodwill/Salvation Army, etc) and after quick trip to the dry cleaner it’ll be ready for ’em.
  • Isn’t TTD the new Engagement Shoot?  We’ll have the excitement of the engagement captured on film, and the actual Big Day – – – I want the post-vow joy as well!
  • We’re fun people.  We’re unconventional.  And we’ve got lots of bare wall space that would really benefit from photos like this :

Trash The Dress SUCCESS


  • I also just want another excuse to work with Courtney.  (And redeem my awkward turtle…)

BTW, the soccer ball picture is pure genius.  Don’t think for a minute that running shoes & baseball mitts won’t be involved in our shoot.

Happy Friday!  I’ll be spending my afternoon stalking every “Trash The Dress” result the world wide web has to offer me.  (Just kidding.  I’m working.  Really, I am.)

Sarah Soon-To-Be

image credits:top row, L – Ashley Colhouer @ 1313 Photography (via user bluebook on www.weddingbee.com) top row, R – Jon Rennie Photography (via Mrs. E on weddingbee) bot row, L – Jon Rennie Photography (via Mrs. E on weddingbee) bot row, R – (via Miss Sandollar on weddingbee)


11 thoughts on “What “Trash The Dress” Means To Me

  1. I adore this idea. Although I just did a quick google image search (since I am not at all bridally informed) and I’m a little afraid of the chick who set her dress on fire.


  2. I would love to do a trash the dress session! I was already going to force you guys to do a portrait session when you got back, anyway. You have great ideas! P.S. You were certainly NOT an awkward turtle!


  3. I love the idea and wanted to do it after my wedding, but haven’t really gotten around to it. Think it would be wierd to do it 2 1/2 years later? The dress is just hanging in my closest taking up space…


    • oh man, I was just thinking the same thing. This August will be our 4th anniversary…

      I am SOOOO happy to hear someone else voice the same opinions I have. I had my dress cleaned after our wedding, and tried to sell it on Ebay/Craiglist but got so many spam responses from Craigslist, and no luck with Ebay. It is in its garment bag in our closet. It moved from one apartment to another with us (within the same state) but I’d prefer not to move it to wherever our next location will be. My mom thinks I’m crazy for not preserving it and offering it to my potential future children. I don’t want to ask that of my potential future children. My mom had her dress preserved and offered it to me, and no offense, but it was 1982. I’m not all about the long sleeves + high collar + lace. I did use her veil though. But I hated being put in the position of (seriously) being offered a dress that was not at all my style. I feel like I am the only one of my friends who did not have my dress preserved. It was $450 on sale from $500 from David’s. Sorry for the ranting, I was just really excited to read about someone else not wanting their dress to take up space forever and ever. So thank you :)


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