Cleveland in a Bottle

  • I’m not talking about a beverage concocted from a 56-year professional sports championship drought, spiked with the souls of tortured, loyal fans
  • This is not a blend of the “The Drive”, “The Fumble”, “The Shot”, or “The Chosen One”
  • Or lakefront snow with aftertones of face-slicing sleet and bone-chilling winds
  • And it certainly doesn’t taste like whatever being named Forbe’s “Most Miserable City” would taste like

One of Cleveland’s only most redeeming qualities (other than the Rock N Roll HOF and Michael Symon) lies in the charming, yet sketchy, west-side neighborhood of Ohio City.  In these janky old brick buildings, magic happens :

L : The Brewery in the distance R : The Brewpub, aka, my safe haven

Inside the beat up pile of bricks lies one of the few things (other than family and friends) that B and I have truly been missing since the move : Great Lakes Brewing Company.  They’re a small-ish craft brewery and to ensure the quality of their beer is not compromised, they do not distribute west of the Mississippi.  This makes S & B sad.  So sad, actually, that we turn into animals :

No GLBC make me crazy. Rawwrrr I'm a panda

Around November there’s a super special holiday for Clevelanders that no one else gets to celebrate.  Seriously, even the banks have to work.  When GLBC releases their first batch of Christmas Ale in the brewery, the holiday season is officially underway, and Northeast Ohio spends the next two months significantly more intoxicated than the previous 10.

Christmas Ale is the epitomy of Cleveland, Winter, and Christmas(/whatever-holiday-you-celebrate) in a frosty 12 ounce bottle.  I’ve heard it is physically impossible to string lights, sing carols, trim a tree, or wear red&green until you’ve had your first Christmas Ale of the season.  I wouldn’t know, because I’ve never tried, but I imagine that’s pretty factual.

Luckily for me, I chose some pretty kick ass In-Laws-To-Be, and this was waiting at the door for me(us) yesterday after work :

What's inside...??

Hurry hurry, open it!



So, in related wedding news, I’ve decided that I’m going to keep my In-Laws-To-Be.  There’s been a lot of wishy-wash in the decision making dept on my end, but I think I picked some winners on my first try here :)

My "Chosen" Family

 Happy weekend – let the festive festivities offically commence!

Sarah Soon-To-Be


6 thoughts on “Cleveland in a Bottle

  1. How did they get it to you!? Supposedly on certain carriers will mail alcohol and you have to have some kind of valid alcohol-sending agreement with them.

    I’m a beer girl as well. We have a buttload of craft breweries down here in north county SD. One of the reasons we have a kegerator – more economical and kegs from the small places are pretty reasonable.


    • A local distributor does shipping – kind of like those wine/beer of the month clubs – and I guess they went there and had them handle it. Whatev, it got here safe and (hopefully) legally, that’s all I care about! :)


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  3. Yum! I can’t say I’ve had any GLBC, but the Christmas Ale from St Arnold’s here in Houston is just like you describe. Theirs just came out last week and I think Hubby and I have already downed a 12 pack! Wonder who would win in a tasting throw down?!



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