Beer, Beer, Everywhere

Saturday we tried to one-up our Cleveland in a Bottle excitement from the night before with a trip down to Stone Brewery – about an hour south of us in Escondido, CA.

It was a rainy day in SoCal – which obviously meant every bad/slow/scared/retarded driver decided to head out on the 5 and make life hell for everybody that can adequately operate a vehicle.  I spent the hour stalking Twitter, Facebook, and my Google Reader while B tried to not run people off the road.  We arrived safely, somehow.

From the wonderful people that bring us "Arrogant Bastard Ale"

SD Friend is a super beer fan like us, so we made a date of it.  And by “date” I mean she & I planned my bachelorette party and laughed about forever-ago memories while B tried to single-handedly consume every beer Stone had on tap.

SD Friend (an OH transplant, too)

We also got to add another notch on our beer&dessert belt with their “Real Beer Float” – made with their smoked porter and vanilla bean ice cream.  It was perfect (and knocked me into a beer/sugar coma on the ride home).

The weather was a super bummer because the outdoor bar and garden area is SOOO awesome and I wanted B to see it.  It’s like a little Secret Garden, laced with really strong beer and burly men.  We looked around for a bit, got our photo op, and headed back inside to safety before my face melted off.

I'm Melting...

On a couple (budget-related) side notes, I’d like to point out my new “California Cowgirl Boots” as B calls them.  $31 at Bakers.  Big win for Team Frugal-Sarah.  Also big shout out to AP for the gorgeous vintage leather jacket that 110% completed this random thrown together outfit that ended up being one of my favs ever.  Muah.

Yesterday I ran 10 good miles despite telling Twitter I felt like I weighed 600 lbs.  Still banking on a PW (personal worst) at the half in Vegas, so that’s something to look forward to I guess.  And that concludes your running update for the week.

Hey, has anybody planned our honeymoon for me yet?  No?  What are you waiting for?  Free wedding invite for whoever does (travel to OH not inc. ((sincere thanks to those knowledgeable and well-traveled readers that sent me links/reviews/suggestions – you guys rock.))

Sarah Soon-To-Be


5 thoughts on “Beer, Beer, Everywhere

  1. i hear tijuana’s really nice this time of year. and romantic. as long as you don’t get gunned down or in the middle of a heated drug war, it should make a really nice honeymoon destination.
    i need to introduce you to champagne breweries… once i find one.


  2. The tempeh shepherd’s pie at Stone is ridiculous (it’s pretty much what I get everytime I go). I love Stone – I am a little peeved with them though that their keg deposit price is now $100 (I know you get it back but still – it’s $100 I am missing until I finish the beer) as opposed to $50 like everyone else.

    Greenflash is also very good – it’s in Vista, well, will be until June ’11 when they move down to Miramar. We generally have some Greenflash in the kegerator at all times.



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