Turkey Trot Pros/Cons

Tomorrow morning B & I will be running the Dana Point Turkey Trot.  I haven’t run a 10K since last July, and B’s never run one (if you can believe it).  I’m having a few mixed feelings about the race that I need to sort through :

Pro : Burn some kcals before a day of feasting!  (I’m hoping to it’ll be at least enough to cover the requisite wine-while-cooking)

Con : Spending many hours in the kitchen after sprinting 6.2 miles sounds like a blast… NOT  (night-before prep? what is that?)

 Pro : Finally meet Danica!

Con : Also meet thousands of snotty, wound-up little brats at the Kids’ Run  (still no progress on that grandkid thing, sorry Dad B)

Pro : Nice mid-distance race to get primed & pumped for RnR Vegas next weekend!

Con : I’ll unrealistically attempt to PR (:48.32) and end up vomiting/dying/poopingmypants

Pro : Continue a new Turkey Trot tradition with B – last year as my boyfriend, this year as my fiance, and (hopefully) next year as my husband!

Con : Umm we don’t actually run together so I guess the above point is debatable

Pro : At least there won’t be snow!  (a la Turkey Trot ’09 in Ohio)

I am actually really looking forward to it.  I’m also looking forward to a nice quiet celebration at home – just us and the pups.  Obviously it’d be nice to be with family and friends for the holiday, but I guess it’ll just be THAT much more special when we do go home for Christmas.  :)

What are y’all doing for the holiday?  Anybody else Turkey Trotting?  Cooking your first bird?  Party hopping till you slip into a food coma?  We’re not having your traditional Thanksgiving meal, but I do have a nice meal planned (pending on my success in the kitchen).  And then I’m making B take me to Harry Potter 7 :)

Sarah Soon-To-Be


7 thoughts on “Turkey Trot Pros/Cons

  1. Trotting the 5-miler in O’side at 7am. It’s so cold though! I have to find my cold-weather running gear. I haven’t run in under 50 since HS back east.

    Good luck today! Hope you don’t freeze your tuckus off!


  2. I ran a Galloping Gobbler this a.m. and Hubz spectated. We are similar to you two, going home for X-mas. Spent Turkey Day just the two of us. Made a small traditional meal with a small turkey!



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