This is Not Another Holiday-y Post

B and I took a super cute post-Turkey Trot photo but like a real idiot I didn’t have the memory card in, and am unable to pull it off of the camera’s internal memory card bc I do not own the cord Sony created for this dumb camera and refuse to spend $10 just to pull one (albeit great) picture from it’s inner death grip memory.

Didn’t you want to know all that?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Other than the picture drama, our second annual Turkey Trot was a success.  Well, in the way that freezing temperatures, stroller-filled courses, and accidentally lining up in the last starting wave goes.  We both beat our goal times, even despite the elbow-throwing and stroller hopping.  And I’m pretty sure I kept all my profanities in my head, so, WIN! 

(That’s the true testament of a good race.)

((Audible profanities were made at NWM))

Our first solo-Thanksgiving was also a success, in a very non-Thanksgiving-y way.  I didn’t burn anything or beckon the fire department, and nobody got food poisoning, so we’ll chalk it up as the second big WIN for the day.  B dubbed the chicken (non-Thanksgiving-y, I said) the “best he’s ever had.”  I dubbed the pumpkin cupcuffins worthy of breakfast/lunch/and dinner for the rest of the weekend.

(What’s that?  You’ve never heard of a cupcuffin?  Well I don’t make cupcakes, bc HELLOOOO they are unhealthy, so I make “muffins” and pour a bunch of cream cheese frosting over them.  It’s practically a health food (with a little splash of sugar coma on the side) so it’s ok to double fist and/or eat them before 9am.  (You’re welcome.)

 Also, don’t I get some award for concocting and slaving over the “best chicken in the world” when I don’t eat meat?  What a catch B got himself…

Anyways it’s over and nobody wants to hear about pumpkin or turkey anymore so heave-ho, onward to Christmas we go!

I Left My Bah Humbug In Ohio With The Snow and Cold,

Sarah Soon-To-Be

UPDATE : Bought a camera cord on Amazon for $3.45.  Turkey Trot photo will appear in 5-7 business days.

Dana Point Turkey Trot 10K  : 52:36


7 thoughts on “This is Not Another Holiday-y Post

  1. I have done that whole take a picture without the memory card so many times and I always get so mad at myself. Good find, $3.45….that’s practically free. Can’t wait to see the picture. Great job on your turkey trot and making an amazing dinner. Muffins with frosting are pretty much the best idea I have ever heard. Frosting at breakfast, yes.


  2. LOL Not killing the recreational stroller set is an achievement! I think I found my lose mojo (cross fingers) good luck in Vegas this weekend! And honestly, I went vegetarian so I only ate mashed potatoes albeit a boat of them ;)


    • Back when my fam was still weird about “aren’t you going to eat some turkey? It’s not REAL meat…” I filled a lot of plates with taters and green beans. Saves more room for pie! :)

      p.s. put a leash on that mojo


  3. Way to go at the Turkey Trot! I have such a love/hate with those races. I like the idea of having fun, but then I get so irritated when I can’t get by the power walkers and stroller pushers!


  4. Glad you guys had fun at Turkey Trot, wished I could have seen you or at least said hi but we were late getting to the coral, and had to check-in my jacket so we waited until everyone started running (so I can cross to the other side)…checked-in my stuff and we were officially the last ones to start, lol!

    I think by the time we finished the race, you were probably at home eating your turkey already.

    I was going to suggest taking a picture of the picture, lol! Looks like you have it taken care of. Have fun with your Momma this week.



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